Thursday, September 17, 2015

What I've Learned About Being Pregnant

I'm reaching the home stretch of this pregnancy.
A week away from month seven and a third trimester mama-to-be.
I'm a little in disbelief...I mean it seems like just yesterday I was reading that little blue and white stick. 

But since the day I found out about this little bundle of love, I've learned some pretty interesting things about this whole pregnancy thing. You've heard stories from friends, but there's just some stuff you won't find out until you're experiencing it for yourself. And half the time, you find out stuff that nobody even warned you about because well, they're gross. And most people don't talk about gross things. (You definitely won't read about hemorrhoids on a bumpdate in the blog world...)

So with that being said, I thought I'd mention some of things that took me by surprise and what I've learned about the beautiful, wonderful, exhausting, kinda gross, world of pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy can be gross.

Yep. It can be.
And nobody will tell you about the gross symptoms.
Bloody noses (and boogies), hemorrhoids, swollen feet and ankles kankles, acne like a 13 year old boy, gas like a hot air balloon, extra hair growth (in places you never dreamed of), stretch marks (of course), um, discharge... and the list continues. 
Every woman is different, and you may not experience the icky symptoms at all. But chances are, you'll experience one or two before labor. 
But you probably won't be writing them on your bumpdate anytime soon!

2. People stare at you.

Like you're a unicorn from Mars.
In my early pregnancy, I felt like people stared at me wondering if I was fat or or pregnant. I always felt like they ended up picking fat because of how I'm carrying (more in my hips than belly). But as of recent, it's very clear that I'm pregnant, but I still get the stares. 
No, I'm not 16 years old. Yes, I'm married. Yes, I just look that dang good. (just kidding)
Whatever reason it may be, walking through a restaurant, you're definitely going to be turning a few heads, because well, being pregnant is just plain different. And people stare at the different.

3. Every bump is different.

Ain't that the truth.
Before I got pregnant, I pictured myself with that cute little basketball belly, walking around all cute and confident. But for a long time, I felt like the complete opposite. In my opinion, it took me a long time to get the noticeable pregnancy bump. Depending on what I wore, I had a muffin top on most days. I'm just carrying really low and have grown width wise, instead of out. My hips, butt, thighs have all gotten bigger, where my belly took a little longer to catch up. But I learned that every woman carries different. Every woman has a different shape. And every bump is different. But every bump is still beautiful. 
(You're noticeable bump will come eventually, I promise!)

4. Opinions. You're going to hear a lot of them.

Keep them to yourself.
Just kidding. These are all my opinions.
But don't force your opinion on others - especially others with ridiculous, raging hormones. Like me. 
Y'all heard me complain a million times over about the opinions with baby names. 
Ain't nobody got time for you to list the people you don't like with that name.
I've heard a million, billion birth stories. I've heard a trillion reasons why I should breastfeed or not breastfeed. But at the end of day, your pregnancy and baby is yours and yours only.
You'll have your own story one day, and you really just have to take the opinions with a grain of salt - but not too much because you're pregnant, and you'll swell up like a balloon.

5. Welcome to the "Mommy Club."

And all you had to do was get pregnant to be let in!
It's a whole new world that you had no idea even existed until you announced to the world that you we're growing a little peanut of your own. I can't tell you how many new friends I have, how many maternity clothes have been donated, how many people truly care about how you're doing now. You now have something so special in common with the mommies of the world, and you always will now. Everyone has been so supportive and I'm so appreciative of all of my sweet mommy friends!

6. Pregnancy is a miracle, but some days suck.

It's just part of the journey.
Some days, you're going to be completely over being pregnant.
At least I feel that way sometimes. All I want is to be able to paint my toenails, walk for five minutes without being out of breath, wear my old clothes - it normally ends in a random cry fest (thanks hormones). Pregnancy can be hard! But at the end of the day, there's truly a little miracle growing inside of you. Those sweet little kicks and jabs remind you every time. That little miracle sure makes those tough days a little easier to get through knowing what's at the end of your nine month journey.

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  1. Oh, I forgot about the staring! I remember telling my husband how crazy it was and he would never believe me until he saw it first hand. I will say though that people were overly nice at the end with running to open doors, unloading my grocery cart, etc. Then when you go out with the baby it's a whole new world of staring, questions, and opinions. Never ends! Haha

  2. Ha this is so true! And don't let anyone make you feel weird about your decisions. You're completely right, everyone has to write their own motherhood story. Also, the Mommy Club is pretty great! I'm getting sentimental and emotional as our little guy approaches one, but Mom is most definitely the best title I've ever been gifted! Here's to a great third trimester! You're so close!

  3. Oh man, I never realized the bloody nose was a symptom until a month ago when I kept getting them every morning in the shower. These pregnancy symptoms are no joke. No stares yet - but I can't wait to have a visible baby bump!

  4. I took forever to show too.. I was SO excited when I finally felt like I looked obviously pregnant. I hear though second time around you show a lot quicker so let's hope =) I definitely know what you mean with the staring.. especially when my wedding rings weren't fitting anymore. I wore them on my pinky most of the time haha

  5. Yes! Yes! Yes! SO reassuring to hear that someone is also going through the not-so-great parts with me :)

  6. This is a great post!! There are so many things that I hear and I'm like "What!? That really happens!?" Pregnancy sounds beautiful yet rough at the same time lol You're doing great and soon everyone will be staring at your precious baby girl!

  7. Love the post and so very true! This is your momma here - even though it will come across as being anonymous, only because I have no idea how to create a profile on your blog! :) I think by being pregnant God gets all moms-to-be ready for motherhood. You learn very fast while you are pregnant that it just isn't all about you anymore but that sweet peanut growing inside of you. It is only the beginning of all the sacrifices you will make for your children. Love you beautiful Harper's Mommy!

  8. Oh yes, so many gross things that happen during pregnancy! I seriously had no idea. I don't mind the stares, but I can't stand the opinions that are forced on us preggos. Drives me crazy!

  9. Yes to all of this. I was pregnant with twins and it was HARD. I got tons of advice, which I took with a grain of salt. I have made it through 9 months and we are doing just fine. If I need advice, I ask a local twin mom group. And the parts of pregnancy that are gross, yep. Been there. And don't get me started on the postpartum part. Ugh. So gross.

    I love reading bumpdates and everything pregnancy. Keep it coming!

  10. I love the honesty! I can't wait (but also I can wait) to have kids of my own so I loved reading this! I also LOVE seeing pregnant people. So I'm probably a starer. They're just so cute and it reminds me how amazing it is that we can grow a life inside our bodies. At least it's a good stare! :)


  11. I felt like I didn't look pregnant until I was halfway through my pregnancy, it was always a race between my boobs and my stomach haha. and I definitely grew out and wide :(

    And seriously your bump is adorable!! You style it really well in all of your pictures :)

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  12. haha! This post made me laugh a little and is SO true. You forgot to mention how hard it is to sneeze without peeing yourself?! lol. I am hosting a free Facebook group called "30 Days to a Healthier Pregnancy." I'd love for you to join us! Feel free to friend me and I will add you:-)