Monday, August 10, 2015

Bumpdate || Twenty-One

Sorry for the sudden fall of the face of the earth!
I'm completely slacking in the post, reply to comments and reading blogs departments.
Heck. I can't even post bumpdates on time.
This is all thanks to the joyous (but really hectic, stressful, ridiculously busy) time of the year called "BACK TO SCHOOL." Hopefully in time and after lots of Sprite and chocolate chip cookies, I can get back on track in this department. Thank you for your understanding. :)

How far along: 21 weeks 

Due Date: December 17, 2015

Baby is the size of: One app says large banana, one says pomegranate. Either way, she's about 7 inches long. 

Symptoms: Well. After several hours of sitting in meetings or taking 5 million steps around my classroom in preparation for the first day, swollen ankles and sore feet have crept back into the picture. (It really doesn't seem to matter what shoes I wear) Acne seems to have picked up a little. Stretching of my belly muscles have made twisting and turning a little sore at times. And an OVERWHELMING sense of tiredness and exhaustion, which may or may have not contributed to several emotional breakdowns this week...

Gender: A sweet little girl. She is spoiled rotten already with so many outfits. I love telling people I'm going to be a girl mom. I never thought I would be!

You can check out our gender reveal party here.

Name: Still deciding on when to announce it. I'm probably not in the best emotional state to hear people's opinions if they don't like it, so for everybody else's safety and my sanity, I'll wait until the time is right. :)

Movement: I felt a really strong jab from the outside the other night while laying on the couch! I love it! She's been throwing some punches every now and then. I've been having a diet Dr. Pepper in the morning, which gets her pumped up to start our work day! Random movements throughout the day otherwise. 

Nursery: Three words - back to school. Ask again later.

Maternity Clothes: I still need some more tops probably. I'm pretty sure I'm good on bottoms. Plus I ordered two belly bands because I can still fit into my regular pants for the most part. Just not buttoned. Or even zipped. I'm kinda dreading wearing real clothes again in the real world.

Sleep: Can't get enough. Literally. Between waking up at 5am. Working my booty off in the classroom. Sitting in meetings that completely drain my brain from any productivity. And then waking up two or three times to go to the bathroom or simply just waking up for the fun of it. I'm not getting enough sleep and it's definitely shown in my emotions. Hormonal and tired. Ick.

Best Moment This Week: I really liked everybody knowing at work. Everybody has been so kind and sweet. It's exciting news to share. Plus, feeling her move on the outside was really neat!

Missing Anything: Not anything new. Just some sandwiches.

Cravings/Aversions: None really at all. I can't decide what I want to eat at all anymore.

Health/Exercise: Blah.

Mood: SO TIRED. 

Husband: Been very sweet and patient as I ride the hot mess express on a daily basis. Without him being so sweet, I wouldn't know what to do!

Looking Forward To: We have our monthly doctor's appointment on Tuesday. Excited to hear the little babe's heartbeat!

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  1. Maybe it's just me, but it looks like your bump is suddenly saying "hello!" You look gorgeous mama! I love being a girl mom :) they are so much fun dressing up. Although my child isn't a fan of the hairbows or hair ties...

    Don't worr about what others think of the name. It's the name you've picked out. When we picked out Sophie's name a lot of people kept thinking it was Sophia, and couldn't figure out why we'd name her Sophie. Well it was my great grandmother's name, hence "Sophie" but some people were just so insistent on it being Sophia. I just learned to tune them out.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  2. Yay for being girl moms!! Hope things calm down at school this week!

  3. It makes me sad when I read these bump updates and people are afraid to share the name in fear that they are going to get negative comments. People are ridiculous and impose their opinions where they simply do no belong. I am sure whatever name you have picked out is absolutely perfect!! I hope that you are able to rest up some, I know going back to school has to be so exhausting right now!!

  4. Love reading your updates as always. I am feeling that same exhaustion coming back to school as well. I will have a ton of questions for you in a few weeks :) In regard to names, I don't think it is something people should be offering opinions on!

  5. Like you, I have been pretty cautious on throwing out our ideas of names around because people are so opinionated or they offer ones that I would never ever fathom. I have been oooober moody. I have always been a pretty sensitive person to begin with, but this has just been sensitive on a whole other level haha. I speak my mind about things (quicker than usual) and have a hard time biting my tongue. I haven't been a crier - unless it's something sweet and relating to kids! haha. Yesterday at church, they did the "back pack blessing" for elementary students going back to school and I teared up! haha. I told my husband, this makes me want to cry! hahaha. But if you annoy me, watch out hahaha. So I feel you on this one.

  6. Hope the first week of school goes well! I can't wait to hear the name - I bet it's adorable! I don't blame you for not wanting to share it right now but honestly, I can't believe someone would say something negative about a name you chose for your child.

  7. Your bump looks like it's really popped this week! SO adorable!! I can't wait to hear the name that you've picked for your sweet girl!