Friday, August 21, 2015

Her Name

Picking a name for a boy was going to be no problem at all.
We were certain we were going to have a boy and the name was already taken care of. If we had a girl, we had names we liked, but nothing set in stone. Once we realized we were going to be blessed with pretty little ribbons and bows, we were beyond shocked and a little unsure of what her name would be.

The middle name was already set. We were going to use my middle name, which is also my grandmother's middle name. The name has been in the family for generations. It's pretty classic, but beautiful.

We had a few first names in consideration, but wasn't too fond of the popularity of one. (Not that the name we picked isn't popular or isn't going to be popular) But I don't want to know four other little girls with the same name. I adore the name, but I'm just weird like that.

Then came pouring in the opinions. No opinions were meant to be hurtful and none were even hateful. They liked the names we chose. But for some reason, I would get a little irritated when somebody said they liked one more than the other. Because what if we picked the other one. Then I would know you liked the other one more. And I know. I shouldn't care about others opinions, and I really was going to name my sweet baby girl whatever I wanted. But the names were still a little stained in the back of my mind. 

I decided after talking with Cody several times about my concerns that I wanted to start completely fresh. Find a name we weren't even considering at all. Not tell anybody until it was final. We searched. Threw around names. And searched some more. But nothing felt like the right fit.

On a trip to Pottery Barn Kids over the summer, I wanted to look at the cribs. After deciding that I don't want to pay an extra car payment for a crib, we took a walk around the store looking at all the precious little girl bedroom decorations. If you know Pottery Barn Kids pretty well, you know that they name a lot of their bedding or furniture. I noticed Cody looking at bedding, when I walked up to him to admire the pieces with him.
He read the name on the packaging, and told me he really liked the name.
Completely shocked that he even liked that name, I put the first name and middle name together and said it out loud.
It sounded beautiful.

It wasn't a name I ever thought about picking, nor did I think my husband would even like it. But it worked and we spent a few more weeks making sure it was the one.
After sharing the name with our family and some friends, we both really have come to love the name we picked. It feels perfect for us and perfect for her.

So without anymore delay and finally announcing it to the world, we will be welcoming our sweet little...

this December!

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  1. I love it! Harper is such lovely pick! Elizabeth is also my, my daughter's, and my grandmother's middle name. It's so classic and pretty. Plus, I'm a huge Pride & Prejudice fan, so I just love it even more.

  2. Love, love, love! Those are two great names and you're right, they sound perfect together. Glad you were able to choose!

  3. You know MiMi loves the name! Can't wait to give my sweet granddaughter, Harper Elizabeth, lots of MiMi love!

  4. SO perfect, can't wait to spoil my sweet Harper!

  5. I adore her name!! It's so pretty and elegant! Our sweet girls are going to share the same middle name! I can't wait until their arrival in just a few months! YAY!

  6. Elizabeth is my middle name! I love that you're carrying the family name on. Harper Elizabeth goes well together!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  7. I absolutely love the name, it is beautiful!!!

  8. Beautiful! It's so real once you start thinking of the baby by their name 😀

  9. I love it! What a beautiful name :)

  10. Really beautiful! Well done! I completely agree with your comments about being aggravated, etc. I'm 16 weeks and we don't yet know if we're having a boy or girl, but throwing names out there that we like always gets comments and even if they're positive, it makes me rethink them! Naming a child is so hard!!

  11. Such a sweet story of how y'all came up with her name and it is beautiful!!