Monday, August 24, 2015

Bumpdate || Twenty-Three

How far along: 23 weeks 

Due Date: December 17, 2015

Baby is the size of: This week she's a little 11 inch grapefruit. One app says the size of a Barbie doll and I think I like that one better. :)

Symptoms: A big fat case of PREGNANCY BRAIN. Not only do I drop everything, forget everything, but now I run into the back of cars. Ugh. I somehow managed to roll into the car in front of me the other day, which resulted in a trip to the hospital because my doctor sends all accidents big or small to the emergency room. Cody reminded me that although it may not seem like a big deal, her life is a big deal, so I'm glad we went just to get it checked out. Aside from being just plain dumb here recently, I've definitely had an increase in round ligament pain. I've noticed that it's getting slowly more difficult to reach down to tie my shoes or paint my nails.

Gender: A pretty little Barbie doll apparently! You can check out our gender reveal party here.

Name: Harper Elizabeth. I'm in love. Post here.

Movement: Where before I was feeling her more at night, I've felt her more during the day this week. She's definitely getting bigger.

Nursery: We bought paint samples last week and we picked one that we liked. Now we just need to buy a gallon paint the room. I've picked out the basic pieces, just need to order them.

Maternity Clothes: About half and half. My belly bands are helping me wear pre-pregnancy pants a little longer. Not the most comfortable, but it works for now. My shirts are about half and half also. A lot of tops I've bought are loose enough with cuts in the side so there's a ton of room to grow. I don't know why more jeans aren't built like maternity jeans. Who needs zippers and buttons when stretchy sides and full panel tops are where it's at.

Sleep: Sleeping great thanks to my early wake-up calls. Some potty breaks, but some nights I'm sleeping through. 

Best Moment This Week: Cody and I battled the storms on Wednesday night to register at Target! It was a lot of fun thinking about her using all those fun baby gadgets!

Missing Anything: At this point I can make it 16 more weeks without a sandwich.

Cravings/Aversions: Still no cravings or aversions. Don't ask what I want to eat, cause I have no idea.

Health/Exercise: Eating pretty well. Weight gain is right on track so far. Took Maci on a walk, which she loved and I loved too.

Mood: Pretty pooped by the end of the week - tears definitely come more easily by then. Pretty happy for the most part. Definitely happy with how school is going so far.

Husband: I definitely think we're going to have a little daddy's girl on our hands. He's already so proud of her and talks about taking her everywhere he goes once she gets here. He's had a few conversations with my belly this week also. :)

Looking Forward To: Working on the nursery in the upcoming weeks! 

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  1. OMG how scary! You and my favorite girl better be careful!

  2. Oh no! Glad things are ok after your accident and glad you had more fun things going on last week like working on your baby register :)

  3. Glad you're alright! You're looking as beautiful as ever. Love the name!

  4. Glad you are okay! How fun that you were able to go register this week!

  5. Glad you are okay and everything checked out well. I am exactly 10 weeks behind you and hope I am still looking as good as you come 23 weeks!

  6. Car accidents are so scary! I'm glad you went in to get everything checked out. Definitely better to be on the safe side! I'm glad you and baby girl are both doing well. I know I've already told you, but I just adore her name! So pretty!!

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