Monday, September 19, 2016

Harper | Eight Months

Considering you're now nine months - I should get this posted out!

Life has been super busy Harper girl!
Month eight was one for the record books.
We pressed out with our new routine - daycare and mama back to work.
You're such a 'go with the flow' type baby now, and it's so fun taking you places now. You really soak everything up. You make our lives so much brighter!

Nicknames: Harpie, Harpie Bug, Harps

Weight: About 21 pounds - you seemed to have stopped putting on weight, and are just starting to grow into a big girl!

Height: 26 inches maybe - find out at next appointment!

Looks: The cutest baby in the whole world according to mommy and daddy! :) You look more and more like a big girl everyday! Your hair is getting so much longer, but it's still blonde. Your eyes are blue for now. I absolutely love your chubby legs and your cute little belly!

Personality: A little ham! You're so social, already making friends at daycare. You're SO happy, majority of the time. You know you're funny, and you love making us laugh! You have such a sweet little personality, I hope it never changes!

Eating: Not really interested in formula when your poor little teeth were coming in. Pureed food is still what we're going with for now. You're not quite ready to feed yourself just yet, and we've tried a few big people foods, and you don't quite get it yet. We're getting better at puffs!

Sleeping: Sleeping pretty good most nights! Some nights you're up a few times, but normally just once. You need a little comfort to go back to sleep, and then you're good. You're waking up super early though...about 5:30am.

Wearing: 6-9 month clothes for now! Some 3-6 month shirts will fit...It's those chubby thighs that keep us mostly with 6-9 month sizes.

Favorite Things: Water! BAE - Aunt Whitney, clapping, daycare - you love kids your age and even big kids, your water table

Least Favorite Things: TEETH! I mean, I honestly can't blame you little girl. It looks pretty painful...

Within the last month:
  • You went swimming with BAE at her apartment pool and loved it!
  • You had an eye doctor appointment, they dilated your eyes, and everything checked out perfect!
  • We started taking big girl baths - but then you leaned forward to far, and that was the end of that for awhile...
  • We took a trip to visit Poppie's grave. He loved you so much and still does!
  • We had a girls day with MiMi and BAE - shopping, cupcakes, lunch - and you completely rocked it! 
  • You learned how to clap! And was so proud of yourself!
  • You started daycare - and cried way less tears than mommy.
  • You had a rough first two weeks at daycare, but since then, you love it so much and get so excited to go every day!
  • You went to Alabama for Luke's birthday party! 
  • You've become a pro at riding in the buggie at the store
  • We played in your water table a lot of evenings, and you just chilled most of the time...
  • We celebrated Nannie's 90th birthday!
  • We got two teeth this month!

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