Friday, September 9, 2016

Healthy Weekend Eating | Tips & Tricks

Before I began really focusing on my health and fitness back at the end of July, I could no problem eat healthy Monday - Friday. Not a problem at all. Lots of healthy food, working out, feeling motivated. And then Friday came. And it all went down the drain.

I mean, how could I say no to Mexican food? Sitting on the couch sounded a lot better than working out. It was the weekend, you know. Relax. Take it easy. Eat whatever I want. I'll be fine come Monday. Two days wouldn't hurt anything.

Monday would come back around, and there I was feeling bloated and icky. Maybe even gained a pound or two. I would start over working out, eating healthy, just to ruin it come the next weekend. 
Once I started 21 Day Fix, my perspective changed completely.
But not right away.

I learned some tips and tricks throughout my first two rounds of 21 Day Fix that really helped me stay focused on my goal and not completely blow it on tacos and donuts. 
(even though some days I'd like to!)

When I say be prepared, I mean be prepared in the snack department.
Normally on the weekends we go out at least once, so it's hard to prepare for that meal sometimes. But I know that the rest of the weekend, we're going to be eating at home. When I meal prep the week before, I always make sure I have enough healthy snacks prepped to last into the weekend, so they're easy to pick up and go. 
I normally have an apple cut up, cucumber, yogurt - something that's easy to grab and go. 
I'm lazy. There I said it. If I have to fix a snack for longer than 2 minutes, then I'm much more likely to pick an unhealthy option that's quick and easy.
So moral of the story, don't be lazy like me and have snacks already prepared.

It's the weekend - so that means I want hamburgers, pizza, Chinese food, tacos, donuts, etc.
Y'all know what I mean.
Go ahead and fix those weekend cravings, but choose healthy options!
Looking for a healthy pizza?
Fried rice? Hamburgers? Tacos?
Check out those recipes for healthy options!
You won't even feel like you're missing out on all the grease. :)
And you also won't feel the after meal guilt!

T H R E E - 80/20 RULE
Okay. Don't get carried away with this.
Let me preface this by saying...
If you're trying out 21 Day Fix for the first time, stick to it.
Don't go by the 80/20 rule (which I'll explain in a minute).
It's important to stick to your plan for your first round especially (and maybe even the second), so you can see a true representation of your progress. I promise - once you see your progress, you'll be addicted to the feeling of being healthy, and want to keep going. But if you ruin it within your first round, you may have trouble continuing your journey.

Sometimes it's okay to treat yourself.
But be mindful of portions and whether you think you have enough self-control to actually control what you're eating. For example - if you go out to eat your favorite Mexican restaurant Saturday night, instead of getting that delicious fried Chimacnga with queso all over it (can you tell I'm dreaming about it?) - one taco isn't going to ruin your whole week. You're still enjoying eating out, but you're controlling what you're eating. 

You've had a great week of eating healthy and working out.
One or two donut holes at your local coffee shop is gonna cure your sweet tooth, but not break what you've working on.
80% of the time you're eating healthy, 20% you can have a little splurge.
(Not a #1 combo at Wendy's kind of splurge though!)

On the weekends especially, I try and squeeze my workout in each morning.
I'm less likely to blow my healthy eating plan, if I know I sweat my butt off that morning during my workout.
Maybe you did get carried away Saturday at brunch.
That doesn't mean you skip your workout.
Stay on track and move on from the morning.
You'll feel a lot better about it!

Sometimes if I know we're going to lunch or dinner, and there just aren't any healthy options, I'll eat before I go. *SHAKEOLOGY IS PERFECT FOR THIS!!!*
Instead of sitting at the table starving watching everybody else eat, you'll feel less tempted to give into temptation if you're not hungry and fueled your body with the good food it needs.

I cannot praise Shakeology enough!
Before I started drinking Shakeology, I constantly craved sweets and grease - especially on the weekends! Drinking my Shakeology each morning puts those cravings to the side, and helps me fight through temptations all weekend long. 
Instead of the weekends getting the best of me, now I get the best out of my weekends.
These tips have helped me curb my cravings and helped me with self-control.
What tips do you have for staying healthy on the weekends?
If you're looking to start 21 Day Fix or even want to try out Shakeology, I'd love to share more information with you! Feel free to comment, email, and find me on social media down below!

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