Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Wedding Caused Me to Die.

Well, it's official.
I have lost my mind.

You said it.
Last night I woke up in absolute PANIC.
Remember those wedding day disaster dreams I've been having?
Well, last night topped it all.


Ok, lets rewind for a second.
Let me start at the beginning.

My hair and makeup are done, but the decorations are not. Not a big deal. Except that it's time for me to walk down the aisle.  As my guests are sitting  in their seats (not at my wedding venue by the way) I'm on the floor in front of them all, Cody at the altar, trying to fix undone decorations. Everybody is watching me. In my dream I seem to not mind one bit. My focus is getting those darn decorations in tip-top shape!

Ten minutes past the time I'm suppose to actually walk down the aisle, I decide that the decorations are complete, and it's time for me to put on my wedding dress. So glad I finally think I'm ready. I head back to my dressing room, slip my wedding dress on and look around for my dad.
Dad? You have to walk me down the aisle remember? No where to be found. I pull my cell phone out of my pocket (cause in my dream my wedding dress has very convenient pockets) and call his cell. No answer. He must be on his way. We wait around for him to show up, maybe he's running late to his daughter's wedding (logical, right?). With my dad no where to be found, we decide that my step-dad and grandfather both will walk me down the aisle, one on each side.
The ceremony is a very big blur, and somehow I get married in record time. Well just as the ceremony is concluding, and we're about to walk back down the aisle as husband and wife, my dad finally shows up. (So glad you could make it.) For whatever reason, I leave my now husband to go fix MORE DECORATIONS with my dad. (Those darn decorations!)
Together, we walk out onto a balcony. There's decorations needing to be fixed on the floor below us. So, instead of walking down to the next floor using a staircase or elevator, I decide (in my wedding dress) to jump the side of our balcony and shimmy my way down to the floor below. Holding on with two hands, I decide I can't make the jump down (shocking) and try to pull myself back up onto the balcony with my dad. As I try to pull, I lose grip and fall ten stories to my death!
I wake up last night in a complete panic! 
My heart is beating out of my chest!
I'm sweating buckets!
I was scared out of my mind!
And that's when I decided...
that I've officially lost my mind.

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  1. Scary! But I bet the dying part of your dream was just about the end of your previous phase of life and the (wonderful) start of a new one!