Sunday, June 9, 2013

Say Yes to the Dress + Weekend Plans

What a weekend!
It was full of fun, family and WEDDING DRESSES.
Let's recap.
Friday, I was suppose to clean the house for the get-together we were having Saturday evening. That's right. Suppose. My cleaning consisted of a load of laundry and unloading the dishwasher.  
What was I thinking.

When Cody got home from work, we picked up our NEW grill from Home Depot, shopped at Walmart for our Saturday gathering, and headed to Cody's parent's house for a few hours. By the time we left and got home, it was 10:00! I had big plans for Saturday morning, so I didn't have time to clean Saturday morning. Needless to say, I stayed up until 4am cleaning. (I did spray tan and paint my nails, BUT MOSTLY CLEANING.)

Saturday came, and I slept through my alarm. GO FIGURE. I rushed and got ready because I had a very exciting appointment to get to at 10 that morning. I picked up my friend Ashley (who blogs over at A Thousand Words) and we headed to meet my mom and sister at a BRIDAL STORE!

This was the first time I was going to try on wedding dresses, and I was extremely excited. Honestly, I did not go into my appointment expecting to buy a dress. The only reason I scheduled the appointment was to get an idea of what I liked and didn't like. I originally scheduled an appointment for July 6th at Bridal's by Lori, the bridal store on Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. I had it set in my head that I was going to be a "Say Yes to the Dress" girl. However, you only get 90 minutes to try on dresses. So, I wanted to have an idea of what I wanted going into my appointment in July. Thus, leading us to my Saturday appointment.

Ashley and I go into the store and are instantly greeted by my sweet consultant. She shows us where the dresses are, lets us start looking around and asks what styles I liked. Never trying on dresses before, I was open-minded to anything and everything. (And thank goodness I was.)

Finally, my mom and sister came and we started trying on dresses. My original idea of a dress was empire or natural waist, shimmery belt, big flow and poof. Let me just tell you.

 I finally realized that shortness and poof don't mix well. 
Luckily, my sweet little consultant picked out some amazing dresses that I would have never dreamed of picking. The style was completely different. The fit was a completely different fit.
And I began to fall in love...
With a BEAUTIFUL Maggie Sottero dress.
And I did something I never thought I would do that day.

(And a beautiful shimmery belt and gorgeous veil.)
I was so excited! I was so glad my mom, sister and Ashley could be apart of such a unexpectedly special day.

After dress shopping, we celebrated with margaritas at a restaurant nearby called Cheeky. I had never been there before, but the taco's were so yummy! Ashley and I headed back to my house, waiting on my parents and sister to come grill out. Before the party began, we drove up to my wedding venue, Kellum Valley Farm to look at the pasture we're getting married in. We wanted to see where the sun would be setting this exact weekend next year for the ceremony.

The sun will be in the perfect spot, not in everybody's eyes and the trees will be able to shade the ceremony site. It will be BEAUTIFUL. (363 more days!)

Once we got back, the guys were set up playing corn hole in the backyard, beers in hand. We started grilling out and enjoyed the summer evening.

Cody and my Mom
My sister Whitney, Me, Ashley
Future Hubby.
Our Bestie's, Ashley & Paul
Sunday, Cody and I woke up pretty late. We cleaned up the house from the night before and got ready for the day. I loved Cheeky from the day before, and I was dying to take Cody there for him to try! It wasn't that hard to talk him into it when I mentioned how delicious their margaritas are!

We ate lunch on the patio, even through the downpour that quickly ensued. After stuffing our faces a little too much, we headed to the mall to pick up some khaki pants for Cody to wear to work. He started his new job last week, and his new job is much more professional than his previous one. I'm still so proud of him. :) I snagged an adorable light pink tunic from American Eagle for $12 and a cute pair of flip flops. Exciting!

Long post, I know. But a weekend like this deserves some extra attention!

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  1. I cannot wait to see what you chose. I did the same and bought my dress on a whim. FIRST one I tried on, LOL.