Thursday, June 13, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Childhood Summers

Today we're throwin' it back.
We're talking 1994-1999.
I was indeed a 90's kid.
Power Rangers. Polly Pockets. Barbie (when she had the unrealistic tiny waist).
Spice Girls. Backstreet Boys. N'SYNC.
Those were the days.
So sit back, relax, grab an ice cold  SURGE Coke, and watch the embarrassment that is about to ensue. 

Here are how I spent some of my childhood summers...

Now back in the day, I not only rocked some pretty sweet rain boots, but wore the hell out of some pink Power Ranger. (Wasn't Kimberly the best?) This had to be my favorite summertime outfit.

I was a teacher before I knew I wanted to be a teacher! We rode bikes all over the street we lived on. Not only did I help my sister,Whitney, ride a bike, but taught her how to give people the finger, as well.  :)

(HEY! That's a valuable life lesson.)

Trip to Babyland General anyone? Cabbage Patch kids were our favorite dolls to play with during the summer! I think I just liked to sniff them mostly. (You know what I'm talking about if you owned one!)

 Oh you know I had some sweet Polly Pockets. I had a dang village of Polly Pockets. How I kept up with those tiny little things is beyond me! 

Diddy Kong Racing? Mario Kart? James Bond?
Holy cow! I loved my N64! My bestie Kelly pretty much lived at my house during the summer. If we weren't playing Nintendo 64, we were creating dance routines to Spice Girls, yelling at the neighbors from my upstairs window or making prank phone calls. :)

That about sums up my Thursday Throwback!
I linked up with Jennifer over at  Sweet Southern Wife and Ady over at When in Doubt Just Add Glitter.
What was your childhood summers like?


  1. Awe you were so cute! What part of GA are you from? I live right on the NC/ GA line :)

    1. I lived in Gwinnett most of my life, but moved up to Hall county with my fiancé last year! The NC/GA line isn't too far from us!