Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Maci's Story

I wasn't planning on sharing the story of Maci until next week, but considering next Thursday is July 4th (YAY!), I decided today was the day.

Meet Maci.
Maci is my adorable miniature dachshund, who means the absolute world to me.

Now if you aren't a dog owner, this post probably will mean nothing to you. And you'll think I'm a psycho and never read my blog again. If you don't like dogs at all, well...

 Just Kidding.
Kinda. :)

With Maci's 3rd birthday next Friday, it really got me reminiscing about the first time I ever laid eyes on her.  

I had just started my junior year of college, and had moved into an apartment with two girls I didn't really know. One of the girls, Brittany (my now bridesmaid), had the sweetest little Yorkie named Jack. I loved having Jack to come home to everyday, something that's always excited to see you even on your worst days. My family always had lots of pets, so it was a comfort for me. Being around Jack made me want a companion of my own, so I began my search.

Nothing too big. (Our apartment was kinda small.) Nothing I had to groom. (Too expensive.) Nothing that shed too much. (Brittany was allergic.) So what was I going to look for?

Little dogs weren't really my favorite, but a girl on the floor below us had the cutest little dog I had ever seen. In passing conversation, I'd ask her about her dog. Miniature dachshund? I heard about regular dachshunds before, but not miniature. Perfect size. Short hair. Doesn't shed much. PERFECT.

Then the goal became convincing my mom to say yes. Although I lived during the week at school, I still went home a lot on the weekends to see Cody. So whatever dog I wanted, it would have to work well at my parent's house. My mom wasn't keen on the idea at first. Dogs are a lot of responsibility. What if it gets sick? Shots? Food? How are you going to pay for a dog? Luckily, I hadn't quit my job at Aeropostale like I originally wanted, so I bargained with my mom. I'll work on the weekends to pay for my dog. She didn't say yes, but she also didn't say no.

For about two days, I would find dogs online and send her the pictures. (Trying to use the cute factor to change her mind.) "Cute, but no. No. Nope. You don't need a dog." Until...


That tiny little body. The adorable spots. Her sweet little eyes. Floppy ears.
My heart melted immediately.
It just felt right.
I texted the picture to my mom right away.
Instead of the expected 'no' response, I got a phone call.
"You know you're really going to have to take care of her, right? She's reeeeally cute."
It was my go ahead.

Brittany and I headed to pick her up that night.
She was even cuter and littler in person.
She quickly became wrapped around my finger, and that hasn't changed at all. :)

If you have ever been around a doxie, you know how unique their personalities are. Maci is no exception. She's attached to my hip every chance she gets. From her sweet little kisses, to her love for cheese and sticks, she has touched my heart so much in the three short years that I've been blessed to have her. 

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  1. Love reading your puppy story! Any dog lovers will surely relate to the love and joy they bring to your lives! I enjoy following your blog! I just started blogging and really look forward to your new posts! Any suggestions for how to get subscribers and make my blog even better are appreciated! Look forward to your next post :)
    - Libby

  2. Dog lovers unite!! My baby is 3.5 and I can't imagine my life without him!

  3. I love this post! I have two fur babies but my little Griffin is very near and dear to my heart as well and will ALWAYS be my first baby (I have a baby girl now :) I think of him as my child :) Love your little Maci's cuteness! Thanks for warming my heart today with this post <3 Hugs Darcy

  4. My family used to breed miniature dachshunds, and I am now obsessed with doxie puppies. They are seriously the cutest. My favorite is when their ears are so long and their legs are so short that they trip over them. Does it get any cuter??

  5. Love all of your photos! It is crazy how quickly pets can become like children; my golden retriever snuggles with me every morning with her head on the pillow next to me. Dogs are so loyal :)

  6. My heart is melting! What a cute little munchkin! Seriously, how can people not like dogs?!

  7. Oh my word she is so cute!! I do the same thing with my mom and little animals. And that ecard is SO true. How can someone not love dogs?!

  8. Oh how cute!! I used to have a little doxie and I miss not having one around sometimes :)