Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Recurring Nightmare & Bridesmaid #3

There are less than two weeks until my wedding day.
My dress has not come in, or been altered. 
The bridesmaids haven't picked out and ordered their dresses. 
The monogrammed napkins, coozies and chevron paper straws haven't been bought. 
The groomsmen have nothing to wear.
We haven't planned or rehearsed anything.
The cake is ugly.
I didn't invite those people.
 This isn't the place we picked to get married.
And the worst part yet? 
The arbor hasn't even been built. 


No, not really.
My wedding isn't even until next year!
So why am I having these crazy dreams that my wedding is going to be a bust?
Ever since Cody and I got engaged last July, occasionally I wake up in a panic that EVERYTHING is going wrong for our wedding. 

Last night in particular, I had it in my head that I was getting married next Saturday! I was so distraught that I had so much to do in less than two weeks to pull our wedding off. One of the reasons I liked having a longer engagement, was so I could plan everything to a science. My biggest fear is that our wedding details are last minute, everybody is stressed out about having things perfectly done, and nobody can enjoy the true meaning behind our day. I guess that's why I keep having these recurring wedding nightmares 346 days before I actually get married.

Brides and wives  - Am I losing my mind, or is this normal?

On a lighter, less crazy note...
Last night, I met my childhood best friend for dinner. I had a BIG question to ask her, and I'm not going to lie, I was kinda nervous.
Kelly and I lived next door to each other from the time I was one up until I was fourteen. We had so much fun together, but caused soooooo much trouble at the same time. We lost touch when my family moved, but reunited a couple summers ago.
As soon as I saw her at the table, I handed her my "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" gift and she said YES!

Color Run, April 2013
So lucky little me has three official beautiful bridesmaids to accompany me on the big day.

Three down - One more to go
But she might be busy that day. ;)


  1. It's definitely not uncommon to have those dreams, especially for those of us who are planners. Having the long engagement was one of the best things my husband and I did. It allowed me to get everything done the way I wanted it, and in a non-stressful pace. Try to just do a little at a time and slowly check off things on your to do list. The more you get done, the less you have to worry or dream about :) Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

  2. FYI You should have totally prefaced that with, THIS IS A DREAM. I REPEAT THIS IS A DREAM.. because my heart was totally pounding for you thinking it was all true. Girlfriend needs a spoiler alert next time.

  3. I think that having those dreams is normal, I hope as well. I had them leading up to our wedding. In mine, usually the wedding got switched to the middle of the week and we had nothing! So funny to look back on :) No worries, it will all get done!