Friday, June 7, 2013

Lucky Number Seven: Why We Picked Our Wedding Date

This exact day next year, Cody and I will be standing in front of all our family and friends saying "I do."

It seems like we have been engaged forever, and finally there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I have loved every minute of being engaged, and now I'm just ready to really start planning and getting the show on the road! 

We planned on being engaged for awhile, simply because there were a lot of unknowns at the time of our engagement. We weren't sure where I would be teaching, if at all. Cody was wanting to step up in his career. It was really a waiting game and a lot of prayers sent up to God. With our prayers finally being answered, we can finally enjoy our engagement to the fullest.

We picked June 7th for many reasons. I never believed in "lucky numbers" until recently. When looking at the calendar to pick a date, Cody and I wanted something that meant something to us.

Why June?
I love the summertime for one!
The weather is warm and sunny, plus the trees and flowers look beautiful.
Second, I would be done teaching for the summer!
I would have a few weeks to rest and last minute plan before the BIG DAY
(Plus plenty of time for a honeymoon!)

Why the 7th?
The number 7 has popped up repeatedly in my life and throughout our relationship!
Here are some examples:

My birthday is January 7th.

My 21st Birthday, January 2011 (We rocked the plaid)

My Nannie was born August 7th.
She's a very special lady.
Our first date was March 7th, 2009.

March 2009.

 Our anniversary is March 27th.
April 2010. (Apparently we don't take pictures on our anniversaries)
I interviewed for my dream teaching job on September 27th.
(And got it!)
Decade Day in 5th Grade.
As you can see, 7 has been popping up a lot. 
It was only natural to pick June 7th!

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