Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend In Review

It's Tuesday, I know.
I'm a day behind in my weekend review post, but with all the fun festivities I didn't have time and I can't let it go to waste!
So here we go...


Cody and I met our friends Paul and Ashley for dinner. We went to Cheddars, which I highly recommend. Cheap food, cheap (HUGE) drinks and you would never know it. Delicious.

Me and Ashley.

I really had NO plans Saturday originally. Ashley was going to shoot a wedding that day, her very first SOLO wedding! I had mentioned going with her to help and assist with whatever she needed. Weddings last all day so I knew it would be tough to do by herself. She asked Friday night if I was still interested and said I could even bring my new Canon Rebel T3i along for the trip. With Cody going to play golf and spend a night in Athens with Paul, I jumped on the chance!

She picked me up at nine that morning and we headed up to the salon where our bride was getting ready with her girls.

Miss Ashley, the professional photographer.
Since the bride had her hair done so early, and her ceremony wasn't until six that evening, her hair fell a little bit. Ashley, being the sweet and generous girl that she is, helped the bride redo her hair and actually did her makeup. (As well as the rest of the five bridesmaids.) With Ashley being tied up, nobody was there to take pictures of the girls getting ready - except me. Yeah.

Not only can I barely work my new camera, I have NO photography skills, experience, nothing. Luckily, the bride was really easy-going and didn't expect too much out of her pictures since her original photographer canceled two weeks before her wedding! Hesitantly, I picked up my camera and started shooting away. Once I took a few, I was instantly comfortable and was able to take the pictures that I would want from my own photographer at my wedding. 

Our Bride.
 Luckily, Ashley was able to snap a few in between hair and makeup too. So my pictures aren't the only ones this poor girl has to rely on. After the girls got ready, we headed to the ceremony spot. It was stunning! A beautiful North Georgia farm. Ashley had the girls take pictures together before the guys came. I really just stood back, let Ashley do her thing and I took pictures when I saw something cute or interesting. Ashley took beautiful pictures, and with a few of mine added in, I think our bride will be ecstatic with the outcome.

A picture I took of the bride and groom.
We ended up staying up there until 11:30 and we were completely pooped. NEVER. EVER. Did I realize how much work it is as a photographer to stand all day, squatting up and down, trying to get the best pictures possible of somebody's dream day. We had so much fun together, but it was a lot of work! We rewarded ourselves with some Taco Bell. :)

Happy in the Taco Bell drive-thru.

But sad because our little legs hurt so bad.
[Once I send Ashley my pictures, and she edits them with her super cool editing software, I'll share more pictures with y'all!]


Sunday was Father's Day, and Cody and I headed to meet my family for a hibachi lunch. After lunch (and some shopping) we headed up to see Cody's dad for dinner to spend the evening with them. I'll be seeing my dad next weekend for Father's Day.

Nannie & Poppie
And then our cook made a big flame and almost burned Nannie's eyelashes off.
Our family picture. Thank you hibachi guy.

My mom and step-dad, Chuck.
Melt my heart. Cody walking with Nannie.
My cute future Hubby. :)
I hope your weekend was just as good as mine!


  1. I love your pictures from Saturday, you did so good!!! I can't wait to see the rest of them, thank you so much for being my lifesaver!!!

    1. Thank you so much for letting me come! [My leg muscles have been sore for two days by the way. Just saying.]

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Your pictures are wonderful. I never would've guessed that you don't have photography experience!

    1. Well thank you so much! I'm proud of those! The other ones I took, maybe not so much. :)