Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane: My Cousin's Wedding

Two years ago today, my cousin Erik married Emily up in the mountains of Hiwassee.
Whitney and I were talking the other day, that we can't believe it was two years ago today, that we made the trip up there for a weekend in the mountains.

It's always beautiful up there in the fall, which made the trip even more enjoyable.
Here's a look back, down memory lane, on what our trip looked like.

Rehearsal Dinner
October 21, 2011

The groom {my cousin}.
The Bride.
The Wedding Day
October 22, 2011

Cody had a twin.
 Happy Tuesday y'all!


  1. i love your hair short like this!

  2. Looks like a beautiful fall day! Big fan of October weddings here :)

  3. I love your hair like this!! Cute, cute, cute!