Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How Pinteresting: Fall Pumpkins

I have to say that Tuesday is my LEAST favorite day of the week.
The long week lies in front of you, and the weekend seems  so far off.

I'm loving my weekends lately, especially with all these fall festivities.
After I finally accepted fall was here to stay, and my warm summer mornings were long gone, I have embraced the season.

Pinterest has me going crazy over all the fall recipes, decorations and PUMPKINS.
Nobody just carves pumpkins anymore.
Those days are over.

Here are a few of my favorite pumpkin ideas for the fall season.

I LOVE the idea of decorating pumpkins not just for Halloween, but for Thanksgiving as well.
The white pumpkins match any decor, and the cute fall floral arrangement would be adorable on any Thanksgiving table or entry way.

If you want to know how to make the pumpkin above, just click the link and there's an easy how-to on how to make your own!

 Who said pumpkins have to be orange, black or white?
These would adorable for kids to do, or adults like me who are obsessed with anything colorful.


I love the classic look of the spray painted white and gold pumpkins.
The gold leaves look extra "fall-ish" and would look GORGEOUS on a Thanksgiving tablescape.

VIA Pinterest
What girl doesn't love a monogram?
We monogram everything else, so why not a pumpkin?

VIA Pinterest
A girl I knew in college instagramed/pinned her pumpkin today, and I thought it was an adorable idea!
 She just got married a couple of weeks ago, explaining the "est. 2013."
I love this idea for newlyweds, or any married couple for that matter!
Plus, the burlap chevron ribbon adds the perfect touch.

VIA Pinterest
I'm a sucker for ribbon.
And this idea is simple and easy, but adorable.

VIA Pinterest
And last, but not least, the most adorable Halloween pumpkin.
Buttons are cheap, and easy to apply with a hot glue gun.
And you can't forget the cute ribbon to top it off. :)

Happy Fall Y'all!


  1. LOVING these pumpkin ideas!! haven't seen all of them before. so lovely! thanks for sharing, doll!!!


  2. I vote we have a pumpkin party this weekend! You down?!

  3. Love the monogram pumpkin :) it just may make an appearance in my house!

  4. Love all of them! I have never been a huge fan of carving pumpkins so painting them is the next best thing.