Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday

It's Friday y'all.
And aren't we all glad?

My kids are breaking down daily these days.
Screaming, crying, pushing chairs over, snapping pencils.
What happened to my sweet little angels?

But through all the tears, I still love each one of them and love being in second grade.
 But I love Friday's more.
So here we go.


I LOVE the fact that Cody bought our dogs (including Harry - Whitney's dog) Halloween costumes at Target last night.

This was a rare occurrence folks.
I can't tell you how many times I have went to grab a cute sweater or new toy for Maci, and Cody is the one that takes it out of the cart to hang it back on the shelf.
"She doesn't need it." is normally the response I get.
But I WANT it.

Not tonight, though.
Cody was all about some dog spoiling.
{Hank: Pirate, Harry: Referee, Maci: Candy Security}

Hank photobombed. 


I finally updated my hallway bulletin board at school.
We're suppose to update it once a month.
And well, I updated mine last in August.

And for some reason, I thought apples were a good idea in October?
I even have pumpkins!
But I had already started.


While were on the topic of school, today we incorporated some Luke Bryan into Social Studies. Second grade is required to learn the six major rivers in the state of Georgia.
And listening to Luke Bryan's song, "That's My Kind of Night" on repeat in my car, I heard one river in particular that spoke to my little teacher heart.

Flint River.
Now, I about gave Cody a heart attack when he found out I played that song.
He thought I showed the video.
I'd be fired and sued with how inappropriate that would be. 
But I did cut out a whopping 20 seconds for the "Flint River" part, minus the lay you down, and love you right part.

My kids went NUTS.
And I promise you, the kids I teach aren't the country music kind.
So, we will definitely be remembering the Flint River in Social Studies.
I won't say that we might have had a mini dance party.

Wedding plans wise, I met with a sweet girl about invitations this week with my planner.
Since I am paying for my invitations, I really don't want to go crazy, but I want them cute and pretty at the same time.
She's going to draw up some ideas and let me know soon.
We, of course, will be working on our Save the Dates first.
We plan on sending them out the day after Thanksgiving.
They're going to be Save the Dates/Christmas Cards.

Here's an invitation inspiration:

via Pinterest

Cody and I are leaving tomorrow after school to head to Knoxville.
We decided to stay up there Friday night, so Saturday morning wasn't ridiculously early.
We'll be meeting my dad up there, with a family friend, so we're pretty excited!

Crossing my fingers the Dawgs come out of there with a W.
As little "Rocky Top" as possible, please.
And as many hobnailed boots as possible, please.
{Refer to video for hobnail boot definition. Thankyouverymuch.}

 Sic' em Dawgs!


Today's link-up is with Darci over at The Good Life.


  1. love love love everything! How cute are those costumes!? And I love that invitation, can't wait to see yours!

  2. Go DAWGS!!!! I love those costumes they are so cute! My dogs dress up every year, against my husbands wishes. I have a lady bug, pumpkin and a bumble bee.

  3. I LOVE those costumes! My hubby always laughs at me when I try to buy my dog stuff . . . . but they look so cute!!

  4. hey girlie!!! found you on the linkup, and i'm so happy to be following along now! :)

    i totally perused the pet costume section at target yeterday...your pictures have me needing to go back asap. aaaah! such cuteness!!!!