Thursday, October 10, 2013

Meet Hank

Many of you know my little babe, Maci.
I don't shy away from showing her off.
She's my pride and joy.
{Crazy dog mom right here}

Every once in awhile, my other, much larger babe sneaks into some pictures.
And that would be Hank.
A slobbery, chew everything in sight, hound dog.

Hank is Cody's dog.
Well, pretty much mine too now.
 Some days I don't want to claim him.
{like when he drug me through our yard on my butt because he saw a rabbit, dinosaur pooped on the floor, and the time he ate Gorilla Glue and pink acrylic paint}

But even after those unpleasant moments, he looks at me with those big brown eyes, throws his giant paw on my chest, and nudges me with his wet nose, I have no problem saying he's mine.

Hank was a pretty random purchase.
About two years ago, Cody came down to see me at school.
Where I went to college, selling dogs out of a Wal-mart parking lot was pretty common.
{I'm totally against this by the way. But I guess we contributed to the problem.}

We were headed to dinner when we saw a play pin full of puppies.
Cody always wanted a dog to call his.
Once we saw they were hound dogs, we stopped by to take a look.

Cody's eye instantly was drawn to the lanky, tall pup.
The one that towered over all it's siblings.
The look on Cody's face was pure love. 

We decided to go eat dinner, and if they were still there, Cody would consider getting one.
We talked it over at dinner, and sure enough, he was still there.

Next thing I know, we're driving away, hound dog in lap.

Hank has truly been a true test of patience for both Cody and me.
But we both love him, and wouldn't trade him for the world.
Despite all of his troubles, he will be the most amazing dog the older he gets.

He's grown up so much over the last two years, and continues to be just as sweet as ever.
Now if only we could get him to stopping banging on his pin to go potty at 4am. :)
And one of my all-time favorites...

Happy Thursday y'all!
One more day until the weekend!



  1. He's so sweet! I always say it's a good thing they're cute cause they get in lots of trouble sometimes!

  2. Oooh, I know what you mean about "those eyes"!!! He looks so cute and so innocent!

  3. SO CUTE!!!! loved every single one of those precious pics!!!! I'm a crazy dog mama over here too. Yay!