Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Month Ahead: October

If you haven't been able to tell just from my lack of creative blogposts, and well, blogposts in general, I was a very busy girl in the month of September.
School has basically taken over my life.
(Just ask Cody. I'm sure he'd love to see me before 6:30 every once in awhile.)
And with today being the first day of October (Can I get a heck yeah!?), the month ahead will be relatively the same. Luckily, my life will consist of more busy plans, just not centered around school as much.
Here's what the month ahead looks like:

Georgia at Tennessee 2005
We're kicking off October right!
Cody and I are headed up to Knoxville this weekend for the Georgia vs. Tennessee game.
Coming off that big LSU win, we're hoping the Dawgs show up to play.
Here's to hoping I only hear "Rocky Top" less than 364 times.
I doubt it.
The rest of the month, will be centered around Georgia football.
Missouri in Athens, Vandy in Nashville, & getting ready for GA/FLA at the very end of the month. We probably won't be headed to Nashville, but I can guarantee you, we'll be calling the Dawgs at home. 
With parent/teacher conferences done last week, I'm able to focus on solely teaching.
Which is very nice.

I finally feel like I'm settling into 2nd grade, and we're doing some really quality lessons.

 We did this cute little activity to go along with the butterfly life cycle.
The kids loved it, and so will my hallway bulletin board.

 And we're working on the frog life cycle this week.

Only nine more weeks until Winter Break by the way.
I'm not counting.
Yes, I am.


Moonshine Festival: 
Every October, Cody and I have made the tradition of going to the Moonshine Festival.
Luckily for us, the Moonshine Festival falls on Georgia's off week!
So Cody will be mesmerized by all the cars at the festival car show...
And I'll be shopping!

 Jaemor Farms:
Yes, I just went to Jaemor this past weekend.
But this time of year, I really can't help but go back.
Cody and I have to pick out our pumpkins, and probably buy some more pickeled okra.
We're addicted.


It's getting closer and closer.
I really can't believe it.
October 25th we have our engagement pictures!
Still trying to eat healthy and workout to try and lose some weight.
I probably should have started this 3 months ago.
Oh well.

What are you doing in the month of October?
Happy Fall Y'all!

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  1. Engagement photos! So fun! October is the best time of year to take them!