Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Not What I Expected

Well, it wasn't the weekend I expected.
I was so pumped up for the weekend I planned in my head, and it was pretty much nothing like I expected.

For one, I expected to go to the Georgia game, and for them to actually WIN. BUST.
I expected to sleep in on Saturday, but no.
I planned on grading all my papers, but I didn't.

It was completely different.
Here's my unexpected weekend:

Friday, I picked up Maci from my mom's house on my way home from work.
She was in a festive mood.

That night, Cody and I went on a date to Outback.
I'm on this new salmon kick. 
I never liked fish, until Cody made me try salmon a couple weeks ago.
And I'm glad he did!
It is awesome. And healthy.

Honestly, it wasn't the best date we ever had.
And I'm sure he would agree.
Which was unexpected, because we normally always have a good time just the two of us.
We were both exhausted from the week, and our tiredness got the best of us.
We both knew we were pooped, and as soon as we got home, we passed out.

Lucky for us, are hopes of sleeping in were crushed.
Should have been expected, but we were apparently naive.
Hank woke us up at 6:47am, banging on his crate to go out.
We ended up getting ready early, going grocery shopping for the game.
Ashley and Paul were coming over to watch the game, so we wanted some game snacks.

We didn't end up going to Athens for a couple reasons.
One, we were pooped.
Two, we don't need to spend that much money, since we're planning on heading to Jacksonville for the Georgia/Florida game at the end of the month.

And maybe, we should have gone to cheer them on because obviously they needed it.
Unexpected loss.
They didn't play "grown man football."
They played "half our team is hurt, and our defense doesn't know what to do half the time football."
Of course, I was sad, but life goes on.

Saturday night, we headed to a local fall festival with Paul and Ashley.
We did some shopping and walking around, but nothing crazy.
We ended our night at Wild Wing for dinner.

Sunday, Cody was sweet enough to let me sleep until 11.
Expected. He's very good at that.

We had lunch together, did some driving around, and ended our day watching movies and Netflix on the couch. It was wonderful.
But again, unexpected.
Even though I have a million and three papers to grade, I wouldn't have traded that for the world.

I hope your weekend was fabulous, and maybe unexpected in a good way!
I have some wonderful wedding news to tell y'all about later this week!

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  1. I hope the unexpected news is that you found the perfect location for your engagement photos!

  2. Just found your blog on the link-up! Love it!
    Definitely know those dates that aren't the best due to exhaustion :-/

  3. you are so cute!!! love your "unexpected" weekend :) :)
    {cheers y'all}