Monday, October 10, 2016

101 in 1,001 | Update

Monday seems like a good day to refresh my memory about the goals I set for myself, right? Help set my focus on the week ahead - give my confidence a little boost knowing that I've actually been accomplishing things over the past two years.

When I thought to give my goals a little update, I honestly thought I would hardly be able to cross any off the list. But it turns out, I've been doing more than I've realized, which was relieving. I mean, I knew I had a baby, but that was about it. Hopefully with a year left to knock out some of these goals, I'll be able to cross some off the list and feel at peace knowing that I'm doing things that I've been wanting to do.

At one point, I thought about scratching this list altogether. I felt like my goals had changed, and I had changed as a person since I've made this list. But then I kinda realized that I had made this list for a reason - these things were important to me back when I made the list. I'd be doing my barely twenty-five year old self an injustice if I just threw these away. So, I'm going to keep them. And I'm going to continue to work towards them. Hopefully by next October, I'll be ready to make a new list for another 1,001 days, and I can set my focus on new and wonderful things.

Start: January 7, 2015
End: October 4, 2017
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Blog [ 3/7 ]

1. Have 300 blog followers
2. Try and blog 10 Pinterest recipes - chili lime backed chips, one skillet burrito bowl, stuffed shells, mexican califlower rice, chicken taquitos, berry mini pies, bbq chicken pizza, restaurant style mexican rice, spicy black bean burgers, quinoa broccoli patties, s'mores cups, and the list continues...
3. Make a blog post book
4. Blog everyday for a month
5. Guest post for a blogger - Southerndoe
6. Co-host a link-up with a blogger friend
7. Begin a teaching blog - The Flamingo Classroom

Marriage [ 4/12 ]

8. Celebrate one year of marriage - celebrated with a picnic and a baby announcement!
9. And two years of marriage! - with another picnic and an actual baby!
10. And three years of marriage!
11. Have a one year of marriage photo shoot - it was a one year of marriage, plus baby announcement photoshoot
12. Create a wedding photo book
13. Plan a date for Cody
14. Visit the spot we got engaged
15. Frame our wedding pictures
16. Create a wedding canvas
17. Cook dinner with my husband
18. Read a nightly devotional with my husband
19. Do something my husband likes to do - car shows, but we could probably do a lot more!

Friend [ 3/11 ]

20. Host friends for a dinner party
21. Throw someone a bridal shower
22. Throw someone a baby shower
23. Bring or send someone flowers - Ashley, for her birthday
24. Bake someone a homemade cake
25. Send Christmas cards to friends and family
26. Have a New Year's Eve party
27. Host a football/tailgate party at our home
28. Participate in a Bible study
29. Make a new friend - so many!
30. Bring someone lunch - Nannie!

Home [ 5/14 ]

31. Become homeowners - January 2015
32. Have a mini photo shoot in our new home - we attempted...
33. Start a collection of holiday decorations
34. Build a farmhouse table - we bought one instead!
35. Have Nannie paint a picture of our new home
36. Decorate our bedroom
37. Decorate our guest room
38. Decorate our kitchen
39. Decorate our living room
40. Decorate our office
41. Organize my closet
42. Plant and grow a garden
43. Explore our new hometown when we buy our first home
44. Decorate our home for fall

Health [ 3/4 ]

45. Run a 5K - The Color Run
46. Workout 3 times a week for a month - try 6-7 times a week for two months, and no sign of quitting!
47. Go to a workout class
48. Stick to a healthy diet for a month - or several months. :)

Family [ 5/9 ]

49. Establish a family tradition
50. Have Nannie write out a recipe to frame for the kitchen
51. Find a home church
52. Meal plan for a month - or more. :)
53. Host a holiday at my house - not intentionally, but being on bedrest for Thanksgiving and and a brand spanking new baby for Christmas helped!
54. Have a picnic by the Christmas tree
55. Prepare lunches for the week on Sunday
56. Plan a family vacation - Savannah & Hilton Head, Summer 2016
57. Create photo books recapping each year of our life

One day Baby C [ 11/11 ]

58. Make a baby! - check.
59. Tell Cody he is going to be a daddy - check.
60. Tell our family and friends we're pregnant
61. Announce pregnancy on social media in a cute way - announced on June 7, 2015
62. Document weekly pregnancy growth - bumpdates.
63. Have a gender reveal party - SO SURPRISED!
64. Decorate and reveal Baby C nursery - check.
65. Have maternity pictures taken
66. Meet Baby C! - Meet Harper Elizabeth!
67. Have newborn pictures taken - Ashley did amazing! My favorite pictures ever.
68. Start a library for Baby C

Teacher Life [ 2/3 ]

69. Open a Teachers Pay Teachers store - The Flamingo Classroom
70. Become a teacher in a school I absolutely love
71. Create lesson plans for a month ahead - those are called - maternity plans.

Life Adventures [ 3/16 ]

 72. Have a picnic 
73. Go on a road trip
74. Go to a drive-in movie
75. Attend three Georgia away games
76. Travel to a state I've never been to - Maryland, Deleware [Summer 2015]
77. Explore a new city - Ocean City, Maryland
78. Try 5 new restaurants in our favorite city closest to home - Taqueria de Sol, Zombie Donuts, Sr. Sol Mexican Restaurant
79. Stay in a cabin for a mountain getaway weekend
80. Go on a vacation or weekend getaway with friends
81. Visit the College Football Hall of Fame
82. Attend a Halloween costume party
83. Attend an outdoor concert
84. Visit a Christmas tree farm
85. Go to a festival
86. Revisit where I went to college

Just Because [ 2/15 ]

87. Read my camera manual
88. Learn how to operate my camera more efficiently
89. Read 15 new books
90. Keep a prayer journal
91. Buy a meal/drink of a person behind me in line
92. Walk Maci everyday for a week
93. Donate clothes to Goodwill
94. Create a book of Instagram pictures
95. Be social media free for a weekend
96. Complete five DIY projects from Pinterest
97. Learn how to contour my face with makeup
98. Buy a new piece of personalized jewelry from  Etsy
99. Make homemade guacamole
100. Go to a food truck park
101. Learn the basics of sowing

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