Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Harper's Six Month Pictures

Because it's about time.

Over the summer, Ashley was sweet enough to brave the hottest day of the year (literally) and take pictures of our little family to document the six month mark milestone. I was SO worried about Harper - she was either going to completely melt down or fall asleep, I was sure of it.

But to my surprise, she did neither. She actually did amazing.

Better than I ever expected. By the end of it, she was just hot and sleepy, but completely rocked the shoot and even flashed a few smiles and "mama's" throughout.

We ended up just staying close to home and kept it simple, and took these on UGA's North Campus - which is beautiful all year round. I love these pictures so much - and at this point, it's hard to even think back to when Harper was this little! Time sure does fly these days, so I'm so thankful we have these forever.

And yes, I'm oversharing.


 photo sign_zpsxdahgkfa.png

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