Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Harper's First Georgia Game

Some might call us stupid - but we prefer brave. :)

We wanted to take Harper to her first official Georgia tailgate - we lucked up though when Ashley said she got extra tickets from work for the game, and invited us! It was going to be a risky move, asking Harper to make it through a couple hours of tailgating and then through part of the game, but it was a risk we were willing to take.

We packed lots of snacks and toys, blankets and bottles - probably way more than we needed, but if it was going to work, we had to make sure we covered our bases. She got to hang with her bestie, Nora, and took in the sights of an early game tailgate. She did great through tailgating, but started to fade as soon as game time came around. 

As Cody carried her into the stadium, poor girl was already falling asleep. She managed to make it through the first quarter - we fed her, she people watched, she even tried to steal the guy's peanuts that sat beside us... All the ladies around us had a fit over her legs and her hat. She hung in there like a champ.

But the meltdown was coming, and it was either going to be we have a whole bunch of people hating us, or we make the choice to leave early - which we did. Not even five minutes out of the stadium on our walk back, she passed out in Cody's arms, and slept the whole way home. Game day can really take a lot out of ya - especially if you're only nine months old. :)

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