Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mommy + Me

Can I be that annoying blogger today, please?
Can I blog something that happened six months ago? 
Don't hate me.
These pictures though.
I mean, really.
I don't know why this is bothering me, but I need these pictures posted somewhere. I don't know if it's because I had a scare with my previous laptop drowning in a cup of water that I totally didn't mean to spill. Or if it's the fact that my baby just turned ten months old, and when I really should be starting to plan her first birthday party, I'd rather just sit in her rocking chair, hold her really tight, and pretend like she's not getting any older. Whatever the reason, my heart is telling me to share, share, share. 
I've wanted to for six months, I promise.
But this little thing called life and *excuses* got in the way.
I'll probably be doing this with a million more memories - you know, blogging them way past due - but at least for my peace of mind, I need to know I'm documenting my baby girl's life somewhere.
I believe I mentioned these before - but it's been so long, who knows!
These pictures were the sweetest gift a freshly squeezed new mama could have ever asked for. 
Ashley gifted these sweet little things to me for Christmas - which totally melted my heart because it was so thoughtful, and I had a bazillion postpartum hormones racing through my body. They were scheduled for April, and that's when Harper was about four months old. (I feel like these days were such a distant memory...) Literally, the best gift I could have been given - even if Harper looks less than amused in the majority. :)

I'll most certainly love these forever.
 photo sign_zpsxdahgkfa.png

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