Monday, June 2, 2014

Bachelorette Weekend

Like I said - May was super busy!
Every week we had major plans, but in a good way.
A great way really! For example...
A couple weekends ago, I had my bachelorette weekend!
I was so thankful for the girls who could make the trip, especially my very preggo friend Ashley (A Thousand Words) who was a complete trouper.
She always has a way of making you feel so special and loved.
You'll see what I mean!
I knew I never wanted one of those stereotypical, wild and crazy bachelorette parties.
I've never been a wild and crazy girl, so I wanted something relaxed and simply fun.
My aunt had offered her cabin in the mountains of North Georgia for my girls and I to enjoy, and I thought how perfect (and inexpensive) that would be!
A weekend away in the mountains would be the perfect bachelorette weekend for me.
The girls that accompanied me were my maid of honor and sister, Whitney, my bridesmaid and longest friend, Kelly, and one of my newest best friends, Ashley, who was a bridesmaid before we realized baby Nora would be gracing our presence riiiiight around the wedding day. But she supports regardless. :)
Originally, my mom and aunt were not going to join us, however, things worked out a little differently than planned, and were there to join in on the events. Having them there worked out so perfectly because they helped out so much. So thankful for everybody's help in throwing this together!
And there's one little party animal that joined in on the festivities that I forgot to mention...
Here's what our day looked like:
We left Saturday morning to head about an hour and a half north.
A breakfast stop at Chick-fil-a was a must...
Once we got there, it immediately started to rain and was unseasonably chilly... Which was a little bit of a damper because our day plans were outside.


   But we made the best of it, and left the cabin to head to Blue Ridge to eat lunch and do some shopping.
 We were all starving by the time we got to Blue Ridge, and we ended up at the sweetest little restaurant called Southern Charm. We're talking biscuits, sweet tea out of mason jars, fried pickles, and fried green tomatoes. A southern's dream!
Once we got done eating, we walked around the quaint, little mountain town.
It was drizzling and sprinkling on and off while we were there, but it was still cute and fun to be with some of my favorite girls. After walking into a few stores, including a store dedicated to monogramming (new monogram pocket tee ready for the honeymoon!), we ended the day at Sweet Shopp for a Bacon & French Toast Cupcake...
After a few hours in Blue Ridge, we headed back to the cabin.

 To my surprise, my mom and aunt had been hard at work decorating and getting snacks ready while we were gone for our evening festivities. Everything was so cute and the snacks were so yummy!



Ashley surprised me with the cutest gifts!
She had bachelorette weekend cups made for us to remember the weekend, and she even stuffed them with fun goodies. Ashley also made a DVD of pictures of Cody and me! And she had Cody answer some questions about me. The sweet little video message from my future hubby brought me to tears at the end! Sweetest and most thoughtful gift ever!

Once we had some snacks and drinks, the sweetest lady named Carol came for a paint party!
I had never done this before, but always wanted to.
And how neat - she actually comes to your house!
*If you live in the Georgia area, definitely give her a call if you're interested!
She set up everything so cute, and her personality just made everybody feel relaxed and at ease. She definitely helped make the evening even more enjoyable! Once everything was set up, it was time to paint!

 Whitney had actually pre-picked out the picture we were all going to paint, which was really neat. Carol did a great job explaining each step and coaching us along the way! Even if you're picture sucked, she loved it!

Everybody had fun and seemed to really enjoy it!

Once we were done painting, it was time for s'mores by the bonfire!
It was perfectly chilly outside by the fire, and the sweet snacks were to die for...
And the perfect way to end the night!
Thank you again to all the sweet ladies that made my weekend so special!
My life wouldn't be the same without any of you - I love you all!
I can't wait to share my special day with y'all...
5 days and counting. :)
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  1. Yay! This looks like so much fun!! Your wedding is getting so close! My sisters bachelorette is coming up this weekend!

  2. I love reading your blog...I don't know you, but you seem so sweet and you take the most awesome pictures! You have an amazing family and girlfriends to have planned you such a great weekend. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

    Ashley @

  3. Girl, this is my kind of weekend! Love, love, love this low key, fun girls' weekend trip to the mountains. Looks like y'all had a great time together :)

  4. Your batchelorette weekend sounds perfect! I am like you, not a super wild person but still likes a good weekend with the girls. I love the pictures you guys painted and the food that your mom and aunt did looks perfect and amazing!

  5. What a fun low-key weekend with your favorite ladies! This looks like the perfect way to celebrate & enjoy some girl time! I can't believe how close it's getting!!!

  6. What a fun time with your friends! This is totally my idea of fun too - low key, quality time spent with girlfriends! Your paintings turned out awesome too! :)


  7. Loved your idea of a low-key weekend! Planning a Bachelorette later this year for the mountains as well and your pictures made me so excited for ours! The paint party looks like SO much fun!

  8. It looks like you guys had a blast! What a fun bachelorette weekend, I would love that so much more than the typical Vegas weekend. :-)

  9. That looks like such an amazing bachelorette weekend! The crazy parties are def not for everyone... We went to the beach last summer for mine which was perfect for me! We did the painting for another friend's bachelorette & are now all addicted to it! It is so fun to have artwork hanging in your home that reminds you of these special moments!

  10. What an amazing bachelorette weekend! You're a bride after my own heart with your s'mores and a lower-key weekend! I'm with you on the less-is-more with the craziness... The painting party looks waaaay more my speed!

  11. It looks like yall had a great time! And the pictures came out so pretty! But I agree, I dont want a really wild party. I want mine like this! haha Cant believe how close your wedding is getting!!!

    Love Always,

  12. What a fun bachelorette trip!! My in-laws are actually going to Blue Ridge this weekend for a mini-getaway. They live about 45 minutes from there. I heard it was a fun and beautiful little town!

  13. We did the painting thing for a friends bachelorette party the same weekend. :)

  14. All kinds of special, sweet touches!! The restaurant sounds amazing!!

  15. That looks like a great send off into Mrs. territory! The paint and sips are so fun!

  16. Love the idea of a lay low weekend! Thank you for including my cups on the blog! I'm glad you liked the turn out! :)