Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Honeymoon |Part Two|: Port Canaveral + Day at Sea

It's hard to believe a week ago today, my husband and I were horseback riding on the beach and catching some rays in the Bahamas! Time flies when you're having fun, right?

Yesterday, I started my honeymoon recap "mini series" and incase you missed it, you can catch up on it here. We started off our honeymoon by heading down to Daytona, so we were closer to Port Canaveral, where our cruise ship was docked.

Last Sunday we left our hotel pretty early since we still had an hour or so drive to Port Canaveral. We had plenty of time to get through security, and were able to pick up our room keys to board the ship for lunch and drinks.

For lunch, Guy Fieri hamburgers that were the best I've had in my entire life.
Not joking. Cody, who isn't a hamburger fan at all, was equally obsessed with those babies.
I'm pretty sure the 5 lbs. I've gained is due pretty heavily to those greasy suckers, and I'm sure the 500 million sugary drinks I sucked down didn't help.
Sooooooo worth it y'all.

Our ship finally set sail around 5 that evening, where Cody and I spent the rest of the night exploring the ship and watching the Heat/Spurs game in the ESPN bar on the ship.

The next day was a day at sea, as the cruise ship headed south to Half Moon Cay.
We woke up pretty early for breakfast and a really rough day at sea.
The wind was ridiculous, making it a little chilly outside. Plus, the water was super rough, so the boat was shaky at times.

We both felt super lazy and sleepy, so we napped for awhile and kinda wasted the day away.
Luckily, the weather was a little better by late that afternoon, so we got ready for dinner and enjoyed some alone time walking around the ship and learning where everything was. We eventually stopped at the Seaside Theatre to watch Grown Ups 2 on the big screen by the pool. Not as good as the first one, I must say.

Bird photobomb.

We didn't get too crazy getting too involved with anything on this ship, we were pretty lazy most of the time (that's what vacation is all about right!?). But for our three stops the next upcoming days, we had many excursions on shore.

Horseback riding on the beach?
That's for tomorrow! :)

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  1. okay a few things...
    1. i'm so glad i started following you.
    2. i have that same crossbody but in blue!
    3. i love the shot you took of your husband of just his torso & wedding band. random? yes. but i love it.
    4. can't wait to

  2. I am loving reading your honeymoon posts! And those guy fieri burgers were totally to die for! We had them on our Carnival ship too and I swear my husband ate one a day!

  3. Love that you're back and sharing your honeymoon! P.S. LOVE LOVE your monogrammed necklace!

  4. You are SO freaking gorgeous girl! I love your long blonde locks. I am loving the pictures of your honeymoon. That looks like a blast. I have never done a cruise!

  5. Aw it looks like you had so much fun! I really need to try one of those burgers! I must be hungry, because all I see on everyone's blog right now is food! haha!

  6. You are such a beauty! Glad you guys opted for a room with a balcony. I went on a cruise once and had no windows! Def not something I would ever do again!

  7. So much fun! We cruised to the Bahamas in 2011 (pre-baby) and went to Nassau and Freeport; would love to go to Half Moon Cay also! Can't wait to see more!

  8. How fun!! You look stunning in all your pictures!

  9. You are really making me want to go on a cruise! I'm so glad you are sharing all the fun that you had. Is married life everything you thought it would be and more?!

  10. oh horseback riding on one of my fave places ever sounds like pure Heaven. Esp on my fave animals. I know you two had a magical and romantic time. You both look so happy and all.

    and I'm not sure why it happens but they say you gain weight once you're married. I dont understand b/c if you're not depressed and you're so happy why would you gain weight


  11. ahh you're making me so anxious for our cruise in September!!!

  12. How fun! I've always wanted to take a cruise!