Thursday, June 26, 2014

Honeymoon |Part Four|: Nassau, Bahamas

I have been advised by my biggest blog critic (my husband) that these posts are entirely too long and I need to cut to the chase for my readers' sake. ;) But I just can't do that because I don't want to forget a thing. So y'all bear with me, and I promise Cody said that very lovingly and jokingly. He really is my biggest fan. :)


Our second honeymoon destination was Nassau, Bahamas.

 After bugging Cody pretty hard about taking beach excursions each day, we ended up booking an all-inclusive day at the beach at Atlantis for our day in Nassau. After hearing so many great things about it, and seeing how cool it was on TV, I was pretty excited to check it out for myself.

 Wednesday, we woke up to some pretty crappy weather. Lots of clouds and some showers. The Atlantis tour guides warned us about the 60% chance of rain for the day, and gave us the opportunity to get our money back for the excursion. We decided to still chance the trip and headed out anyway. And thank goodness we did! The weather turned out to be beautifully sunny, and we didn't see one raindrop the entire day.

The Atlantis tour guides were very informative and helpful, escorting us to the buses and eventually giving us a small tour of the resort as we headed to the beaches. Since, it was all inclusive, we were able to use the Atlantis towels and beach chairs, which was so nice and convenient.

The beach was absolutely beautiful. Clear, blue waters with white sand on shore.
Another perfect view for the day!

The only thing that stood in our way of having a peaceful and relaxing day at the beach was the constant nagging of locals that had no affiliation with the resort.

Hair braiding? No. Jewelry? No. Jet ski? No. Banana Boat? No. Booze cruise? No. Coconut drink? No. Get hammered? Get high? No. And no.

We didn't let them take away from our day by all means, but I was so shocked Atlantis allows for that to happen on their beach. It honestly, took a lot away from the resort for me. Once a place I would have liked to stay, but not so much anymore. Kinda disappointed. :(

Once we had enough of the sun and the talk of getting "hammered", we decided to use our free lunch coupons and find one of the restaurants we could eat at. After being turned away by two that were on the list (another annoyance...), we finally ended up getting hamburgers and chicken sandwiches to fill our hungry bellies. We found some shade and got to eating right away, when we noticed another couple from our cruise ship having to eat in the sun due to lack of open tables. Cody quickly offered the other side of our table for them, and got to talking to them like we had known them forever. They were so sweet, and they even shared that they found out they were pregnant the day before! We kind of felt honored to know!

Once we were done eating, our excursion tickets let us explore the aquariums on the resort. It was nice to get out of the sun and see all the fish and sharks just swimming away!

Cody and I took the scenic walk around the resort back to the bus, and we headed back to the ship.

Once we were back in town, we had some extra time to kill before we had to be on board. We decided to walk around, visiting the straw market, a few souvenier shops, as well as some local restaurants/bars.

We ended up at Conch N' Kalik, where we sat at the bar and ordered a few drinks. Eventually, we moseyed our way back to the dock where we sat on our balcony to take in the last few views of Nassau before our ship set sail to Freeport.

After yet another mid-day nap, we worked up the energy to get ready for dinner and enjoyed time walking around the boat. We ended up sitting by the pool, talking to old women and watching a lot of people attempt the Wobble at the cruise "pool party." Talk about entertaining. ;)

Our next and last stop was Freeport! 

 photo fiiiiiiiindmeeee_zps496dabcf.png


  1. I'm sorry that happened to you at Atlantis. We did the all inclusive water park package and it was by far the highlight of our trip. We never really went onto the beach b/c the water park was way too much fun to leave. We never had any troubles eating the free lunch either - I guess y'all got the bad end of the deal! Some pretty pictures though!

    We HATED Freeport, I hope y'all had a better time there then we did.

  2. Tell Cody some of us love the long drawn out posts....but that it's also making us want to be back on a cruise! I'm ashamed to say I was also one of those people attempting the wobble At the pool party. Too many frozen drinks apparently.

  3. i went to nassau too a few years ago, and they were definitely doing the same thing to us. we were young and dumb; paid $20 for a drink because it was "unlimited" only to have them pack up and leave while we went back to our towels. crazy!

  4. Pssshhh, Cody you don't know what you're talking about ; I love reading these! You want to get yo hair braided girrrrrl? Girl, I love doing the wobble, ha! The first time we went to Nassau we ate at Senor Frogs. B ended up dancing on top of a table for a contest, ha! It was hilarious!

  5. love it. but did i miss the pics of the horse back riding?

  6. Oh I am sad to hear that about Atlantis! But good to know for future travelers!

  7. It's okay if it's long, you have great pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time (except your experience with Atlantis) and that blue water was just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    A Joyful Kind of Life

  8. Kate Spade MRS. earrings!! I got those on my wedding day too, and I wore them our entire honeymoon! I love them! :)

  9. When we were in Jamaica our chairs on the beach were near a piece of public beach where locals could sell clothing items, souveniers, etc.. they would be like, "pssst.. hey.." trying to get our attention for some green sales. LOL. And when documenting these types of things you can never have too many pictures or too long of a post! ;o)

  10. You must have been on the main beach. I was just at the Atlantis and the main beach is technically public so there is nothing you can do about the locals, the cove beach is further left (if you were facing the beach) and totally private...we were never bothered ONCE.

  11. I love the picture of your freckles and the Mrs earrings.

  12. The photos look amazing! It looks like a fabulous time. Thanks for the tip about the resort and the people haggling. I hate that! So good to know!

  13. I'm glad at how long these post are! I love reading about yalls time! I love your Mrs. earrings! I'm sorry yall had a bad experience in somewhere you were looking forward to so much! But I yall still had a good time!

    Love Always,