Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Showers, Showers & Showers - Oh My!

I cannot tell y'all how blessed Cody and I feel after having three showers!
Yes, three. I can't believe it either. I felt so lucky after my first shower (recap here incase you missed it), and now I feel like my heart is going to explode with thankfulness and love. Since my first shower, we've had two more. The sweet ladies at work threw me a school shower, and Cody's family threw us a couple's shower at his parent's house!
Talk about blessed!

Here's a recap of both showers, with of course, tons of pictures to accompany.
After school one day, the ladies at work put together a shower at school!
My grade level was awesome for doing this, and definitely didn't have to.
Catrina even made us a cake with our initials. So yummy! Cody and I received lots of gift cards from all the different grade levels, special areas and administration. I joked about not showing these to Cody, but I just couldn't keep the secret to myself. But lucky for me, I don't think he'll find much from Target. ;)
The weekend after my shower at school, Cody and I had our couple's shower at Cody's parents house. His aunts joined his mama in putting everything together. They did a great job, and it was more than I expected! Cody's family members were all so sweet and once again, spoiled us rotten with gifts. I think Cody's favorite part of the evening was the completely unexpected arrival of a Batman cake (Cody's favorite hero). The look on his face was priceless when he saw it! We had so much fun and felt so, so, so blessed.

 We are so blessed and so lucky to have so many wonderful family & friends! We can't wait to spend the happiest day of our life with them in 4 days!!!EEEK!
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  1. Looks like beautiful showers. Love the Batman cake.

  2. Looks like the showers were really fun an well put together! I love the cake you had at the school shower! And I love the batman cake too!!!

    Love Always,

  3. What awesome showers! You two obviously have some pretty awesome people in your lives! And I LOVE that monogram!!!

  4. What fun showers!! Love your monogram door hanging you got!


  5. What fun showers! I love that cake!!!! I am totally jealous of your Kitchenaid Mixer! That has been on my wish list for YEARS!!! One day...one day!

  6. Such pretty decorations! Love the dress you wore!


  7. Awe you guys are very loved it's obvious!! So soon lady!!

  8. that kitchen aid mixer... My dream!

  9. Gorgeous!!!! I am loving that huge monogram and all the mason jars, that is so my style.