Friday, June 27, 2014

Honeymoon |Part Five|: Freeport, Bahamas

Freeport was our last stop on our honeymoon.

Cody had warned me that Freeport may be a lot like our experiences at the beach at Atlantis, but luckily it was the complete opposite. We were both so relieved, and had a great time on yet another beach excursion.

I have to give Cody some credit with all our days at the beach.
For someone who really could do without the beach, he really tried so hard to make me happy and made sure we had a great time each day. My husband is the best. :)

Thursday morning, we got off the ship and headed to where our excursion group was meeting. We chose the all-inclusive option, so food and drinks were included in the price. We all loaded onto charter buses, and they shipped us off to a beach about 20 minutes away from where we docked. As weird as it sounds, I actually really enjoyed riding through the island, seeing what everyday life was like for these people. It was very eye-opening, and made you realize there's more to the Bahamas than pretty beaches and drinks in coconuts!

Once we arrived at the beach, we noticed that it was almost like a mini-resort. A bar, restaurant, mini straw market, photo shop, clean bathrooms and beautiful beaches with lawn chairs ready for use.

As we were walking over to pick out our beach chairs, we noticed the couple who ate lunch with us at Atlantis. We all decided to sit together, and we were sure glad we did. We had so much fun talking with them and getting to know each other more. It really made us feel like we were at the beach with good friends. We talked so much, Cody and I hardly even got in the water before it was time to eat lunch and go back to the bus. (which resulted in sunburns for the both of us...oops.)

After the bus ride back, we really only had a few minutes to walk around the pier where our ship was docked. But we had enough time to goof off a little and take some last honeymoon pictures - even in bacon shirts!

Once we got back to our room, we managed some quick showers, lots of aloe for our sunburns and yet another nap. The sun had completely worn us out. We somehow worked up the energy to get ready for a simple buffet dinner for the night. My outfit of choice - yoga pants to cover up my sun-scorched, aloe covered knees. (I was a big baby, I'll admit.)

Cody went a little crazy through the buffet line, eating about 30 mussels total.
He was so proud that he tried something new, he was asking me to take pictures of him! HE NEVER ASKS ME TO TAKE PICTURES OF HIM. He was that proud of himself. 
It was really cute!

After a walk around the boat, we ended up doing what we do best, sitting and talking in the lawn chairs on the upper deck. The sunset was completely stunning for our last night for our honeymoon.

We came back to our room to find our favorite towel design yet...

Now if only we could have two honeymoons. :)

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  1. this looks so fun! At least you sun burn turned to tan right!?

  2. Aww yayy! We've been to Freeport one time & absolutely loved it!! I'll admit though, as soon as we docked & I looked out to Freeport, I did not want to get off the ship! I didn't tell B that though! We lucked up with an awesome taxi driver, who took us to a private beach, bought us a shot, took us on a tour of the island, to shops, & even gave us a voucher to play some slot machines (which we had no idea what we were doing, ha!) - all for only $40! He actually used $20 of that $ to get us on the private beach! We like Freeport better than Nassau, since it wasn't as commercialized! Cody cracks me up!! Loved reading all the posts, Lauren!! :)

  3. you guys are so freakin precious - i love it! my other cruise went to st. maarten & st. thomas and i'm totally with you on see how people live on the island. TOTAL eye opener.

  4. I have loved seeing all your pretty pictures of your honeymoon! Sounds like you guys had a great time, which is what it is all about. Congrats again girl!

  5. I am such a baby when I get a sunburn! Glad you had an amazing honeymoon!!

  6. Your pictures are STUNNING! HOW? I love that y'all had a great time. Maybe y'all can go back one day soon!

  7. looks like tons of fun and great pics. Love the sunset and you look great chick.

  8. My goodness, I cant believe how blue that water is! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time; ya'll sure do make a good looking couple! Welcome back to the real world (trust me, I could have honeymooned in France for much longer than 2 weeks...) and the start of your marriage together!

  9. It looks like yall really had a great time! And sunburn is enevitable for me no matter what beach I am on! And untill I went to Hawaii I had no clue that coconuts werent brown and fuzzy like they look like in books and stuff! Did yall drink the water out of one?

    Love Always,

  10. Seriously, this looks like an AWESOME trip!!! I just moved to the South (South Carolina) from Connecticut and just found your blog! I'm also getting married in September so I can't wait to read back all about yours and follow along :)

    Meg @

  11. Oh my gosh I thought Cody was holding a piece of bacon! I was so confused then realized it was his shirt. Face palm. These pictures make me want to book a vacation NOW

  12. That sunset photo looks amazing!!! What a great time. You're making me want to take a cruise.