Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday + Wedding Sneak Peek

Happy Friday y'all!
And what a happy Friday it is...

This has to be my all-time favorite Five on Friday with Christina and the ladies EVER because so many exciting things have been happening recently!
You'll just have to see for yourself!


It hasn't even been an entire week since Cody & I tied the knot last weekend, and my AMAZING photographer already sent us a sneak peek of our special day!
Talk about making this newlywed extremely happy!
Thank you so much KATIE RIVERS! You are AMAZING!

I am completely in love with these.
I can't wait to see more!
It's been almost a week since my (I love saying this part...) husband and I tied the knot, and we FINALLY get to start our honeymoon TODAY! After two years of stressful wedding planning, challenging work schedules, and five years without a formal vacation - we are SO ready to be cruising the Bahamas as Mr. & Mrs.
If you're nosey like me and find enjoyment into snooping around Instagram to follow what people are doing, feel free to picture stalk me @ laureneh7
I would love for you to follow along throughout our trip!
My real life best friend & blogger, Ashley over at A Thousand Words, welcomed her new little baby girl, Nora, with her husband Paul on Tuesday! Cody and I could not have been more excited for them, and are so proud of them both. They are both going to be incredible parents, and we can't wait to watch them grow as a family of three.
Nora is so beautiful and absolutely perfect!
And I thought I had baby fever before...
We just love her. :)
I don't know if I should hug or slap the person that packed us a goodie box of all our wedding desserts...
I have single handedly destroyed 7 out of the 8 desserts that were packed in there.
Make that 8...
While I'm away on my honeymoon, don't forget to check out my awesome guest bloggers next week! You will not be disappointed! :)
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See y'all in a week!

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  1. Love your dress girly! Pretty!

  2. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! I hope you have an amazing time!

  3. Congratulations and have a great honeymoon in the Bahamas with your husband!!!

  4. Congratulations! Love love love your dress! Have a wonderful honeymoon with your HUSBAND! (and I'm one of those nosy peoples so I asked to follow you on Instagram. haha)
    Can't wait to see/hear about your honeymoon!

  5. Beautiful pics!! Have so much fun!!

  6. Your wedding photos are gorgeous!!! Have so much fun on your honeymoon! Also, you totally deserve those wedding cookies. I did a lot more damage than that after over a year of planning and dieting :)

  7. LOVE!! What GORGEOUS photos!!! Have an amazing honeymoon, you forgot to put me in your bag :(

  8. Oh my goodness your sneak peak pictures are gorgeous, cannot wait to see the rest! Have fun on your Honeymoon!

  9. Have a fun and relaxing time on your honeymoon. Your sneak peek photos are beautiful!

  10. You guys looked amazingly adorable on your wedding day! Enjoy your honeymoon, it looks like an awesome place to be.

    Happy Friday
    -Rosy A Joyful Kind of Life

  11. So excited to be blogging for you next week! Happy honeymooning!

  12. Your wedding dress!!!! STOP IT!! I want it now!

  13. YAY!! Love the pics girl! I can't wait to see more of your beautiful wedding day! :) Have an amazing time on your honeymoon! So excited about the guest posts!

  14. Youre so stinking pretty! And I am so glad Nora finally got here! yay!

    Love Always,