Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blogtember: The House That Built Me

When I saw the first post topic for Blogtember, Where I Come From, I instantly thought of the Miranda Lambert song, "The House That Built Me."
I listened to that song the other day, for the first time in awhile, and it always seems to hit home.
I'm not one who grew up in the same house my entire life.
But there is one house, that I will forever consider my HOME.
The place I grew up.
Where many of my memories took place.

I have to admit.
I'm guilty of making a few drive by's every now and then to see how the old house looks.
I'm lucky in the sense that my parents live relatively close to the house still.
I work maybe fifteen minutes down the road.
And sometimes it's nice just to relive old memories.
Pretend that my room is still above the garage.

The house is still yellow.
The shutters are still green.
And our tree house is still standing in the backyard.
But there's some things that have changed, and forever will be.

The thing that has changed the most is me.
I'm not the same eleven year-old girl, who laid on her bed listening to Spice Girls and looking at her Backstreet Boys posters on the wall.
I'm a different person now.
A grown up.

And even though I have so many responsibilities in my life that I wouldn't change for the world, I still go back and wish I was laying on my bed, looking out over the garage.
Life was so simple. So easy.
And I had no idea.

My family, my friends, even all my pets shaped who I am today.
Shared memories with me that I'll cherish forever, but will never get back.
They all happened under that roof.

That house, the yellow one up there - it built me.


  1. I love this. Your house looks idyllic to grow up in.

  2. I found your blog a month or so ago and have just now had the time to read all your posts. I started backwards but when I got to this post it really hits home (no pun intended). There was one house I grew up in and I drive by every once in a while. When I do I cry like a baby because I miss the memories and the way things were back then. I have one brother who since has decided to no longer be a part of our family and that's what hurts the most about driving past the house but sometimes those memories are exactly what I need. And The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert gets me every single time.