Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Will You Be Our Flower Girl?

Over the summer, I completed a lot of projects.
One in particular was our Flower Girl project.
I wanted to ask in a sweet way, like our Bridesmaids and Groomsmen gifts.

If you ever met Elizabeth Grace, you would quickly understand on why I picked a princess theme. Not only is she sassy, but Elizabeth Grace is really a blessing in our lives. Her parents, Suzi and Tyger, adopted Elizabeth Grace a couple years ago, answering many prayers.

Not only does she hold a special place in my heart, but she's cute as a darn button.
See for yourself.

So here's what I came up with:

This is how it came together.

Like my groomsmen gifts, all the flower girl items came from another shopping extravaganza at Hobby Lobby. No surprise there.

I bought one of the same metal buckets as I did for the groomsmen gifts.

Some items I used to decorate were:
Treehouse Studio Paint Pen. Vinyl Chalkboard Labels.  Purple Flower Hair Accessory. Colored Ribbon.

I wanted to fill the bucket with things that an almost three-year old little girl would utilize.
With Elizabeth Grace's sassy little personality, I knew princess dress-up accessories would be the perfect choice.

I found these items in the party section of Hobby Lobby.
They have different themes down the isle, and one of those is a princess theme.
Perfect for my idea.

She got the following:
 Fuzzy Pink Princess Crown. Frilly Pink Tutu.  Ombre Pink Boa. Princess Sash.

I had to get a little creative with the sign in her bucket.
Originally, my idea was to use a miniature chalkboard like I did with the groomsmen gifts.
But when I went to look for them, Hobby Lobby was out.
And since I'm a right then, right now type of buyer, I didn't want to wait or come back.
So my creative brain clicked on.
And it turned out to be a little cuter, and little more girly than I originally planned.

I used:
Pink & Black Acrylic Paint. Wooden Frame Accent.

I wanted to still try and incorporate the rustic feel, even if it's a princess theme.
With the metal bucket, I wanted to try and make the wooden frame look a little like a chalkboard. So, I painted the middle black and the outside princess pink.

To decorate the bucket, I first wrapped it in burlap ribbon.

And then layered the burlap with a transparent rainbow ribbon.

I let the rainbow ribbon run long, and tied the ends in an over-sized bow.

To personalize the bucket, I addressed the vinyl chalkboard label with Elizabeth Grace's name, and adorned it with the purple flower hair piece as added decoration.

 To add some extra girlie-ness to the "chalkboard," I used a purple and pink ribbon for an added bow. I used the white paint pen to ask Elizabeth Grace the very important question.
Not like she can even read or anything.

Then it was time to fill the bucket.
I used the pink boa as the bottom filler.

Flipped the tutu upside down for some extra pizazz and placed the chalkboard on top.

And surrounded her goodies with the princess crown and sash.

And just in case she had any doubt...

I threw in a princess Gigi's cupcake for insurance purposes.
I'll take that as a yes.


271 days until I become Mrs. C.

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  1. Hi! Found your blog from XOXO Rebecca's Southern Blogger link up so I thought I'd say hi. :) This is the CUTEST flower girl invite that I've ever seen! So precious. And she is adorable! :)