Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life in Second Grade

Here's what's going on in second grade thus far.

1) I have been tying shoes like crazy.
Why send your child to school with three foot long shoelaces if they can't tie your shoes?
To torture me.

2) It's cold season.
In the summer.
Last month, my class won best attendance for the month.
In the handful of days we've had together in September, three to four kids have been absent daily. Sure, a smaller class size is nice.
But my boxes of tissues are paying the price.

3) We're getting a new second grade teacher.
I am NOT okay with this.
They're trying to lower our class sizes.
(I have 26)
I have grown to love my kids.
I really don't want to lose any of them, or their shoelaces.

4) I'm so far behind.
I'm way behind in grading papers, organizing my classroom, completing lesson plans, finishing my evaluation, my bulletin board, etc.
And I typically stay until 5-6 PM every day.
What is going on.

5) Yesterday was September 11th.
My kids thought that meant it was Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Day and my favorite, Groundhog's Day.
Very hard for me to grasp the concept  that these kids were born post 9/11.

6) Girl brought caterpillar to school in a jar in light of learning about life cycles.
It died.
Didn't have the heart to tell them.

7)  Got asked what makes a boy different from a girl.
Eyelashes. Long hair. Skirts.
That's it.


  1. I love this post! Its so funny to hear what little ones think of different things or the questions they ask. I'm sure you have a story every day of a different amusing thing your students come up with that day :)

  2. Too cute! And too true! You're not alone girl!! You're much nicer than I am though. I refuse to tie shoes. You never know where those laces have been. But isn't it amazing. It's all so worth it! I'm so glad you're loving your kids. Can't wait to hear more!!

  3. My 3rd year teaching we were grossly overpopulated (I had 32 5th graders) and we brought in a new teacher. It is definitely hard to pick which kids to "get rid of" after they've been yours for a month.