Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Meet the Maids {Whitney}

The next four Wednesday's will be dedicated to my Bridesmaids. 
Each Wednesday, I'll pick one girl to introduce and share our friendship story.
I want to do something like this at our wedding, but since I can't invite all y'all, what better way to share with y'all how I know my four best friends.

Whitney is my sister.
No doubt is she my best friend.
It felt only right to ask her to be my Maid of Honor.
I don't understand how some siblings don't get along, or can't stand being around each other.
I've never felt that way about Whitney, and I hope I never do.
I'll admit that she gets on my nerves sometimes.
And I can guarantee, that I can get on her nerves even more.
But what's special about our relationship, we always let it go.
We have a mutual understanding about never hating each other, I like to think.
Whitney is two years younger than me.
And honestly, it's the perfect age gap.
I know I want my kids to be two-years apart like Whitney and me.
When we were little, we relied on each other a lot.
Sure, we fought every once awhile.
She was a biter.
But we always enjoyed playing together.
We always liked the same things for the most part.
And for the most part, we were always at the same school.
We always had each other.
Now that we're older, Whitney actually lives with Cody and me.
She goes to school close to where we live, so it just makes sense.
I love having the freedom of being on my own, but I also love the comfort of having Whitney around to talk to and help out.
And I know Cody enjoys having her here too.
I know I can always talk to Whitney.
She's a good listener, and even gives advice when I need it.
She gives me confidence and help.
She even picks up Hank's dinosaur poop when he potties in the house.
She has the biggest heart.
She's beautiful on the outside, but even more on the inside.
She's been there through thick and thin.
I couldn't imagine not having Whitney by my side on the biggest day of my life.
I'm so proud of who she is, and who she's becoming.
It was a complete honor to have her as my Maid of Honor. 

Love you pork chop ;)


  1. My sister and I are the same way, we're almost 4 years apart though and we're SUPER close. We always get along and if we do have our snippy moments we're over it in a matter of minutes and asking each other to go along to Loft. I was her maid of honor and it was so wonderful to be right beside her as she took her vows. :) From a little sister point of view, your sister will never forget it!