Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

Oh yeah, hey.
It's me.
 What a freakin week it has been.
I don't know what the heck happened to me, but I have been completely. and utterly. exhausted
So needless to say - thank goodness it's Friday.

Today, I'm linking up with Christina and the regular Five on Friday ladies.


Ashley got me two tickets to the Georgia Bridal Show in Athens for my birthday, and it's on Sunday! I've only been to one bridal show since we've been engaged, so I guess one more couldn't hurt before I get married. Got to enjoy this engagement process while it lasts because the days are dwindling down. I'll be crossing my fingers for a free honeymoon. :)


My classroom was almost set on fire. by accident.

As I'm helping students across the classroom, FIREWORKS started going off from under my desk. POW. KABOOM. FLASH.
Ok. Maybe not fireworks. But with 23 kids screaming, sparks flying in the air, a few flashes and with a couple cracks of electricity - it may as well been fireworks.

My poor little student, somehow managed to drop my pencil sharpener on the floor [why it was being picked up, lord only knows], halfway snapping the cord, exposing wires and allowing electricity to free flow from the wires.

So now, I'm sharpener less. Smelling a little crispy. And was probably the highlight of dinnertime conversation that night at all my students' houses. 


Ok, so.
Cake tasting last Sunday. 
Went into the appointment still not having an idea of what I really wanted.
But decided on a mixture of three out of the four cakes above.

I like traditional wedding cakes, so I decided to stick with an all white cake.
But I chose not to go with the fondant icing. Our venue is very rustic, so I thought the traditional butter cream like cake number one would be perfect. With the amount of people invited to our wedding, it'll only be three tiers like cake number two, with the twine/raffia ribbon wrapped around the bottom and top tier. But those pretty little sugar flowers on cake number two & three. Yeah...those cost an extra $500 to make. No no. We're going with the real flowers like cake number four. In our wedding colors, of course. 

So hopefully it turns out good. I know it'll taste good, but look good? Hopefully. I have a hard time finalizing decisions in my head when I don't have a clear vision. And I don't have a clear vision of what our cake will look like. I'm just going to trust this lady I guess.


I sucked it up as a future wife this week and made the WORST DINNER EVER.

Maybe I'm just an idiot, but I somehow screwed this recipe up.
It may have been the extra rice I added, that overcooked and turned to mush.
Yes, that was definitely it.
So if you feel ambitious, or if you're just more intelligent than me. Or if you actually just follow the directions to the recipe instead of trying to be Giada DeLaurentis on the Food Network, then you may be more successful than me.
It probably is good, but I WOULDN'T KNOW

Recipe found here.


My poor little Nannie has been a frequent visitor at the emergency room this week.
She got bit by her dog trying to get a pill out of her mouth (or she thought she had a pill in there at least) and her dog didn't like that, obviously. The dog doesn't have a mean bone in her body, she was just freaked out. But it caused Nannie to get an infection in the puncture wound. Unfortunately, her hand was swollen so much, they had to cut off her wedding ring.

We're hoping and praying she'll get better as soon as possible. :)

Y'all have a good weekend!
Hopefully it's a three day weekend like mine ;)
Don't hate.


  1. It definitely sounds like this week was madness for ya - you deserve an awesome long weekend! I'll keep your Nannnie in my prayers. And I totally appreciate that you shared a recipe fail because it happens to me all. the. time. You're still an amazing future wife! xoxo

  2. The cake on the top right is perfection. It reminds me a little of our wedding cake. We did faux flowers from Michaels. You couldn't tell the difference and it saved us hundreds! We went with a whipped cream frosting and I will never regret that deliciousness! I get the same cake (miniature) each year for us to taste :)

  3. This post made me laugh (smelling a little crispy). Have fun at the bridal show---win that honeymoon girlfriend!!! Sending prayers for your nannie!! Enjoy these three days!!!

  4. Ugh I have had one of those weeks too! Hopefully Sunday will be a relaxing day for both of us! :( I hope Nannie gets better soon!

  5. I hope you Nannie feels better soon!! So sorry to hear about her hand :(
    And it sounds like you've had a busy/hectic week - hope you get a chance to relax a bit this weekend!! :))

    xx Em

  6. This post cracked me up!! Live up the wedding planning!

  7. haha crazy week! If anything- the cakes are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!! Happy Weekend!

  8. ahahhaahh the pencil sharpener story is HILARIOUS!!!!!

  9. Prayers for your sweet nannie and love your choice on wedding cakes! You can never go wrong with traditional. Have a wonderful weekend, friend! Bet it's a long weekend for you with MLK Monday!

  10. Ahh wedding planning was the best time ever!! We host a wedding linkup every wednesday! You should join sometime!!

    Happy weekend!

  11. Oh no about your grandma!! Hope she gets better soon! You are such a good girl going to another bridal shower. I went to one and it was the biggest waste of my life!!