Friday, January 31, 2014

Five On Friday

Well this was an unexpectedly short week!
Tuesday pretty much kicked off my extremely long weekend thanks to two inches of snow + one inch of ice. I'm back to work today, but after 7 hours with my kiddos, I'll be kicking off the second half of my weekend.

Today I'll be linking up with Christina & the ladies for the weekly Five on Friday! 


As I've mentioned, the last two days have been snow days for us, so we've spent most of it playing in the snow and laying on the couch watching tv. Mostly watching the news [all those poor stranded people and kids in Atlanta] and catching up with Sons of Anarchy. 


Although we were lucky enough to have two very relaxing days in our warm home, we were constantly thinking about all those not so lucky on their way home from work and school. Those who were stuck in their cars for 24 hours. Or those who were forced to sleep in a Wendy's or gas station. The teachers who stayed with their students over night. The kids that weren't able to go home to see their parents. We knew just how blessed we were.

via AJC

This weekend we're finally going to register!
This wedding task was on my January goals list, so I'll be one day late completing one of my goals. But I'll take it!

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We're registering at Target, Belk, and Bed, Bath & Beyond... we think.
Definitely Target. ;)

For my lovely already married Mrs.'s out there, what type of things do you recommend registering for? Any tips?


With the Super Bowl on Sunday, it has me longing for the days when Cody & I are able to throw our festive parties at our own house with family and friends. I love searching through Pinterest and finding fun party ideas! Like these precious football themed mason jars!

You can find this super simple DIY project here.


I love me some Dolly Parton.
And this quote just makes me love her even more...

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Ain't that the truth. :)

 Happy Friday y'all!


  1. Love the DIY!! So adorable! And have fun registering! Target was the best!

  2. We had a fun snow day with y'all! We are registering tonight too,y'all have fun! I can't wait til Sunday, those jars are superrrr cute!

  3. Calphalon cookware!!!!!!!!!!! A MUST. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. A great set of in-between dishes (not China but not your typical every day, either). :) Good luck with it (the men go NUTS)! And have a good weekend!!

  4. Registering was so much fun and you should reward yourselves with dinner after!! If you have anything you guys want upgrades on - this is great time for that!!

  5. love the football mason jars!! joining you from Five on Friday!! nice to "meet" you :) :) :)

  6. We had so much fun registering for our wedding - enjoy every minute! Love the football mason jars... I'm pretty sure mason jars make everything cuter, even a super bowl party! Have a fabulous weekend!

  7. love the DIY! good luck registering!

  8. Love the quote!

    Stopping by from the link up!

  9. Registering is so fun!!! Definitely make sure you have enough cookware, baking pans, mixing bowls, small kitchen appliances you know you will use like a mixer/blender/food processor etc. Curtains if you don't already have some. Curtains are expensive and add up super fast depending on how many panels you need for each space. Towels and lots of them! Enough to last at least a week for both of you. Extra sheets. A few fun things too! There is always someone that doesn't want to buy boring kitchen stuff and will be looking for the quirky stuff!

  10. I nominated you for the liebster award. You can go my page to check it out.

  11. It's definitely better to be at home during that kind of crazy weather!!

  12. Have fun registering this weekend! And I love those mason jars!

  13. Glad you were home safe and warm away from all the craziness on the roads. My aunt was stuck on the interstate for over 9 hrs trying to make it home from work. I felt so bad for everyone that was in distress. On a brighter note, I'm glad my kids and pups got to experience it and had fun playing in it too!! Hope you have a lovely weekend. So nice to meet a fellow Georgia blogger!

  14. Love those football themed mason jars! such a cute idea!! :)