Monday, January 6, 2014

January Goals

I thought it would be beneficial for me to set goals for myself each month in hopes of accomplishing them, but also to take responsibility for the things I want in my life instead of constantly putting things off.

At this point, I feel like it's go time. 
Time to start getting things together, acting like an adult and making things happen.

I'll do an update in my tabs at the top of my blog, but also a post at the end of the month so y'all can hold me accountable. :)

1. Make an appointment with a mortgage broker.
We want to discuss where we're at & what things we need to do, so we can start looking at buying a home by the end of the year.

2. Begin eating healthy & setting up a workout plan.
Obviously, I need to get in shape for our wedding.
And really, I think it's time I just get in shape period.
It's time to start loving myself & having confidence.
[I'm considering doing a weekly update on my exercise/eating habits for the week. Thinking about. I want to be held accountable. We'll see.]

3. Pick out a cake design & attend our cake tasting to make a final decision. [January 12th is our appointment]

4. Order our wedding invitations.
I can work on addressing them in February & sending them out at the beginning of March.

5. Save. Save. Save. 
Cody & I have started the 52-week savings plan.
I already save money monthly, but there's not much consistency sometimes with the amount. Now we have a reminder on our fridge.

6. Order Cody's wedding band.
Cody won't be wearing it for the first year of our marriage.
He will be wearing his late grandfather's wedding band that his dad also wore for the first few years of his marriage. But Cody wants his wedding band for our wedding pictures, which I think is a sweet idea.

7. Meal plan.
I spend way too much money at the grocery store.
And half the time, we buy things that we don't eat.
I'm going to be buying a lot more cheap, but healthy meals.
And I think the crockpot will become my new best friend.

8. Go to bed early.
During the month of December, I started a bad habit of going to bed around 11 - sometimes later. I just can't do that. I don't wake up on time. I don't feel like working out. I get way to grouchy. I need my sleep. 4:30 comes early y'all.

9. Use my planner.
Turns out I didn't get the planner I originally bought at Target.
[Target planner story here.] 
They sold it to someone else. Grrr.
But I did get another cute one, and I want to put this to use.
I keep everything in my head, and I get overwhelmed so easily. NO MORE!

10. Order bridesmaid dresses.
Two have paid for them, so I just have to get one more in there for ordering.

11.Book our honeymoon by the end of the month.
At least make the down payment to book it. We're thinking cruise. It's cheap and we get to visit more than one place. I like both of those things.

12. Register.
I'm going to set a date, probably a Saturday or Sunday, where we go register at our stores.
Target definitely made the cut. :)

It's a lot for a month.
But I really think these are attainable.
 Wish me luck y'all. :)


  1. I love hearing about peoples goals for the month!! Looks like you're gonna be busy in January but I know you can do it!! Can't wait to hear about how they went!

  2. Ah! Have fun with all the wedding stuff, that's the fun part!

  3. There's a "Weigh in Wednesday" link-up if you're looking for some kind of accountability. Or if you wanted to do your own, there's a lot of us out here that are doing the same. We can check in with each other.

    Very reasonable and achievable goals!

  4. Your January goals are a lot more ambitious than mine, but also a lot more fun! Good Luck!

  5. Great goals! I need to go to bed earlier and save more too!

  6. I love the idea of doing monthly goals! It is how I am going to do all these new years resolutions I have. One of them is to also use my planner more! I am so bad at it, but I am really going to need it this up coming year. Anyways, this month looks so great for you, so much for the wedding :) Can't wait to see how it all works for you!

    xo. Kailagh

  7. These are all awesome goals and very attainable!! We are doing the 52 week challenge in addition to other savings as well and i think it will be fun to have a little extra savings at the end of the year!! Have so much fun registering!! this is such a fun time for you!

  8. Meal planning and a healthier life style are on the top of my list too! I cannot wait until we can purchase a new home. Will be about 5 years but I see no issues with starting my count down now :) good luck!

  9. Hello! ;)
    I loved your blog in terms of interesting posts, appearance.
    I am very impressed. Yours!
    Have a nice day!

    ~ In the free time I invite you also to me! :)

  10. These are great goals! I menu plan regularly but didn't the last month and noticed a huge difference in both spending and healthy eating- makes such a difference! Also 4:30am wake up call?! Wow girly that is early!!! Look forward to following along this year and getting to know you more! ;)


  11. Great goals! The crock pot is such an amazing invention. I love making things in it since it's so simple.

  12. Have you ever thought about registering for your honeymoon? I know a lot of people lately are doing that! It's fun! I had a friend who did that and I bought them parasailing.