Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Go Home, Atlanta

Go ahead.
Laugh at us.
You northerners are shaking your heads.
And I don't blame you.

Children stuck at school overnight. 
Babies delivered on the side of the road.
Motorists stranded on highways for almost 24 hours. 
The roads look like an eerie episode of The Walking Dead.

Praying for all those still stuck, & hoping some good ol' southern hospitality keeps everyone sane and patient. 

picture via cat_lanta.


  1. Hope that you didn't get stranded anywhere! Love that sign though... it's the perfect sign for crazy winter mess going on down there.

  2. Oh my goodness, luckily work allowed us to leave work as soon as it happened. As much as i'm loving this snow day I hope everyone who is stranded gets home safely.
    Only in Atlanta :)

  3. Prayers for the deep south! I couldn't believe some of the reports and pictures I seen last night. Y'all need a good lesson in winter weather :)

  4. Children having to spend the night at school!? Uh uh!!

  5. We are sending our northern midwest good vibes your way! It is funny to hear of schools cancelling, etc. because around here that only happens if we gets at least 2 feet of snow :) we are used to it but for you guys who never experience it, it's gotta be quite the change!

  6. Babies delivered on the side of the road! I heard that on the radio today or I would have thought you were kidding. :) Stay warm, friend!

  7. Ice is no joke! Especially in a place where it's not common. I would never think of buying anything other than a 4WD because I live in Colorado, but I know that's not how it is everywhere. I hope the ice melts soon and everyone stays safe!

  8. The same scene played out for us here in Alabama. What a nightmare!! I'm so glad you are safe & I hope things are beginning to thaw out in Georgia!

  9. I am so sick of all this ice and snow!!!!!