Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year. New Team. One Dream.

Happy New Years y'all!
I hope your New Year's Eve was everything you dreamed it would be and maybe more!

It would be only fitting at Peach State of Mind to kick off the first post of 2014 with one dedicated to what I know best.
UGA football at that. 

Today my beloved Bulldogs set out to face the Cornhuskers of Nebraska in what some consider the last game of the 2013 season.

The 2013 season was one that many Bulldog faithful had high hopes for.
A season where many hoped the Bulldogs would be in the place of Auburn & Florida State.
However, the cards weren't right for us this year.
Injuries & fluke plays left the Dawgs with an 8-4 record.

Despite the disappointment among players, coaches and fans, we all pressed on to make each gameday count. 
To play hard. Coach hard. Cheer hard.

I like to say that the game today is not the last game of 2013, but really the first game of 2014. We have a chance to set a new standard. To welcome new players to the team. To give fans hope into what the future may hold for the University of Georgia.

Sic 'em Dawgs!
Commit to the G.

Georgia Gamedays 2013 by Slidely Slideshow


  1. Since we don't play each other and we have a good friend who is a BIG UGA fan... we cheer for you guys at times. We are on our way to Pasadena for the National Championship to watch our Noles!!!!! Happy New Year and "Scalp 'em" & "Sic 'em" this year!

  2. Aside from my die.hard Tide roots, I was pulling for GA. I love Mark Richt. Hope yall have a better year next year!!