Monday, January 27, 2014

Top 5 Favorite TV Shows [Currently]

After battling a cold all week, I probably experienced the laziest weekend of my entire life.
Which led to me watching an abundant amount of TV.
 Netflix is a complete curse I tell you.
How can you watch just one episode of anything?
You can't. You simply can't.

Normally, I don't get to watch a lot of TV during the week, so I thought I'd catch up. To give y'all a little insight into my weekend, I thought I'd share some of my favorite shows.

My newest addiction - Sons of Anarchy

Holy crap. Never in a million years did I think I would like this show. One episode got me completely hooked. I made Cody go back to the first season, so I could catch up. I'm only on season two, so if any of you out there spoil anything, I'll send Jax on your butt! [But I'm sure you'd like that...]

The show stars Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagel, Ryan Hurst and many others.
The show focuses on an outlaw motorcycle group in a ficitonal town called Charming.
It's a must watch.

Waiting on Netflix - The Walking Dead

 Another one of those shows I thought I'd never watch.
Zombies are completely stupid to me, but watching this show makes it the complete opposite. It's another show that we watch on Netflix, and we're waiting on Netflix to get the latest season. So I have no idea what's happened in the series recently, so don't tell! :)

The series main star is Andrew Lincoln, who plays a sheriff who lives in a post-apocalyptic world, now run by human-eating zombies.
And it's filmed in Georgia, which makes it even cooler!

My guilty pleasure - Teen Mom 2 

I probably deserve to be fed to the zombies in Walking Dead after admitting this.
But I'm invested.

Chelsea, Kailyn, Leah & Jenelle, all teen mom's struggling with raising their children at such young ages. Shocker.

Once you start watching a train wreck, you just can't look away.
Don't judge me. Ok, go ahead. I'm judging myself.

My favorite mystery series - Pretty Little Liars

Four girls, stalked & harassed by a mystery 'A' figure after their friend goes missing.

I read the first few books to this series, and loved them when I was younger.
The show may be pretty unrealistic, and sometimes childish, but apparently that's what gets my attention these days.

I like a good mystery, and this was the perfect girlie mystery series to catch.
 I haven't been as good with watching them as of recently, but I tune in when I can!

And last but, certainly not least...

Old faithful - Full House

 It still comes on TV people!

The Tanners are still going strong!

I don't care how many times I've seen every episode, it will forever be one of my favorite TV shows. I will drop what I'm doing to watch an episode of Full House.
You got it, dude.


  1. I love PLL but gosh darn when are we going to get some answers?!?!?!?! Full House is the best TV show ever. They just dont make shows like that anymore. How rude!

  2. I totally feel you on Netflix being a curse! I can get sucked in, especially when we are on trips. I watch all sorts of things on my laptop. Case in point... Orange is the New Black. I watched 13 episodes in like 4 days. If you haven't seen it yet it is a must watch!
    Oh and I love Sons too! I am with you and totally didn't think it would be something I would like but I am sucked in for sure! I feel like we are TV sisters because Teen Mom is my guilty pleasure too :) HAHA! Happy Monday!

  3. I will watch full house reruns occasionally, that show doesnt get old!

  4. I just found your blog, and after reading this post, I think we could be soul least in TV show addictions ;) SOA and TWD are my favorite shows ever...and I love the Teen Moms and PLLs! You so need to catch up on TWD, it's starting again in less than 2 weeks!!!!

  5. Okay, walking dead FREAKS ME OUT. I can hardly even be in the next room when my husband watches it BUT I AM TOTALLY WITH YOU on Teen Mom and most definitely a PLL fan.

  6. I feel the same way about Teen Mom 2 (although the original is my favorite!)

  7. It is like we are the same person! Sons of Anarchy is by far my favorite with The Walking Dead being a close second. I love PLL, but I am mad a Netflix because a new season just started on ABC Family, and they haven't gotten the previous season yet, so I am really behind. I, too, am emotionally invested in TM2. It is hard to break away from something that has been a part of your life for three years. Your life will be taken over by SOA. I watched the first four seasons in about two weeks. I am still REELING from the Season 6 finale. It blew. my. mind.

  8. I use to watch the original Teen Moms but I always felt horrible after watching it so I stopped! I keep wanting to get into Sons of Anarchy.

  9. Pretty Little Liars!!!! LOVE IT