Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Goal Results

At the beginning of the month, I set goals.
I figured setting goals for the month, rather than the year would be way more realistic and attainable.

With January coming to an end, as promised, I'd keep y'all in the loop on my progress or non-progress in some cases. Oops. :)

Here were my goals...
[Goals crossed out are goals accomplished.]

1. Make an appointment with a mortgage broker.
This was one of the first things checked off my list. Cody & I talked with a mortgage broker about starting the buying a house process. We found out that we would be good to go with the house price we're looking at, but still think our best option is to wait until the fall to start the looking process. We want to continue saving, and survive through our wedding first.
2. Begin eating healthy & setting up a workout plan.

Yeeeeaaaah. About that. I don't eat terrible to begin with. But I know there's things to cut out or limit. As for exercise, a week of cramps (TMI?), a week of migraines, and a week of a cold completely unmotivated me. Yes, I know they're excuses.  But we'll leave it on the list for next month. 
3. Pick out a cake design & attend our cake tasting to make a final decision.

 Check. The appointment wasn't what I expected, but it went good. We made a decision on the design and should be good to go. 
4. Order our wedding invitations.
My mom found somebody on Etsy to design our invitations. After many disappoints in this department, I'm so glad we didn't settle on something I half liked. They are going to be stunning! 
5. Save. Save. Save. 

This goal will be on every month's goals list.
We did a pretty good job saving. We both donated to our 52-week savings plan, doubling what we were suppose to put in. Plus I added a bunch to my own personal savings account. New house here we come. 
6. Order Cody's wedding band.

We didn't get around to Kay's this month. And I don't know why. 
7. Meal plan.

I'm going to cross this off, but I want to do this a little differently.
For some reason, I have it in my head that  we have to have elaborate meals every night, which is what I planned for. I planned for a lot of new recipes, which makes it a little more challenging to cook nightly. But we did, and we definitely didn't eat out as much. 

8. Go to bed early.
Yes. Yes. Yes. With me not feeling good majority of the month, I was hitting the bed around 9:30 or earlier every night. I'm a lot less stressed out getting ready in the morning because I'm not hitting snooze five times. Which makes my drive to work so much more enjoyable and not rushed.

9. Use my planner.
Planner is being used. 
I take it to all my school meetings. Write important dates in. And use it to meal plan.
Good investment.

10. Order bridesmaid dresses.
I finally got the last bridesmaid into the store, and ordered the dresses just in time.
We will see them again in May.
11.Book our honeymoon by the end of the month.
Christmas broke the bank for both of us. So we're hoping to get this booked by next month. I desperately want a vacation after the wedding drama this month!

12. Register.
Notice that this is half crossed out. :)
When I went to the bridal show, I pre-registered at two stores.
Target was not one of them. We really need to do this next weekend.
I just need to think about what type of stuff we want to register for...

8 1/2 out of 12 wasn't too bad, right?
Now onto February!


  1. You accomplished a ton this month! And saving money counts toward the house planning and honeymoon planning so cross those off as "goals working toward," too!

  2. You're awesome! You accomplished a lot this month--so exciting!

  3. You did good!! I'm planning on writing one of these up this weekend too!! I totally blew my exercise goal as well! Just can't get motivated! Good job girl!

  4. Love the idea of monthly goals instead of one set for the year!! I have been working on the 52 week money challenge too!! Good luck to you!

  5. you got a lot checked off your list! I too like the idea of monthly goals rather than yearly goals. I make a list at the beginning of each week with everything I want to get done and check off as I go. It's a good feeling seeing your list get smaller and smaller!

  6. Few things: Fall house shopping might work to your benefit because houses sell less in the fall so you may be able to get a better deal on when because sellers will be anxious after a spring and summer with their no-sell. Also, on honeymoon booking- I found that when I was browsing different resorts I was quoted way better deals when I would hit the button to chat with a resort representative because I could negotiate with them better (btw, I can't remember how exactly the popular Sandals compared). I know that doesn't make a lot of sense but I saved $300 by booking with one of the chat people vs. the price I was given over the phone WITH THE SAME RESORT. Go you for crossing off so many items!

  7. Love this! Great job getting so much crossed of your list!

  8. Looks like you got a LOT done!!!

  9. Having goals every month seems to be the better idea, because you’ll be able to see the results immediately. And looking at your list for January, 9 out 12 has been achieved. Great job! And with regard to your first item, it was a good decision that you talked to a mortgage broker first before you started the process of buying the house. They can really help you determine how much monthly mortgage you can afford, and what loan programs might fit your needs the most.

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